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Our 3rd Transaction in 8 Years!

Notes From the Agent:

"I’m so thrilled for these two! They give me hope that the second phase of life is beautiful! I met Pablo several years ago at BMW and he was 'in the barrel'. He was later referred to me by another past client from Sterling BMW. He and Annette are awesome, fun, smart, cool and completely amazing in every way! This is our 3rd transaction in 8 years! He says it’s their last! Knowing Annette, we will be talking real estate again!

Either way, I love them both and know I’ll be talking with them about life! We’ve become friends over the years as I do with most of my clients. I could call almost anyone of you out there and know we could pick up where we left off! I love that about this work. These two are so happy and fun! Pablo wants to now get me in a Porsche. Best wishes on your new adventure! Also thank you, thank you, thank you, to @leahantoinette for helping make this possible. Team work makes the dream work!"

Annika Godfrey

They Won Me My Dream Home! - Another Thrilled Buyer!

"Annika and her team have helped me twice in recent years, first on a sale, and then just recently--and in what was an extremely competitive sellers' market--on a purchase.

They won me my dream home! Buying or selling a home is going to be an experience filled with emotional highs and lows. And thankfully, with Annika I experienced not only extremely competent help, but the genuine, heartfelt support to weather those highs and lows.

If you want something more than just "stilted" service, I highly recommend that you give Annika and her team a serious look."
Andrew N.- Aliso Viejo

Notes from the Agent:

"So excited for my long time friend Andy and his sweet boys! (and daughter not pictured) for our recent closing on his place in Aliso. What a win! Thank you to my wonderful work wife Natasha Spector for always coming through! Welcome to the Aliso family Andy!"
Annika Godfrey

Annika helped us with the purchase of our current dream home ~ we will forever be grateful to her!

"Annika helped my wife & I sell our first home. We received our first offer only minutes after going on the market. Annika was always available to guide us throughout the process. The escrow went smoothly.

A year later, we called upon Annika to assist us with the purchase of our current dream home. We will forever be grateful to her."

Robert M.

Annika & Her Team are THE BEST!

Annika and her team are the best! Because of her, my husband and I were able to buy our first home in the height of a crazy sellers’ market, and she was also able to negotiate a great price for us.

She walked us through the whole process and was so positive the entire time that it made the process so much easier. We will forever be grateful to her!

-Becky K.~ Laguna Niguel

We wouldn't live in our Dream House without Annika!!

We searched for our first house for years. Suddenly our perfect house in a great neighborhood became available. We had to have it, so we called Annika, the best agent we knew. The house had a dozen offers the same day it went on the market but, somehow, she managed to get us the house.

She also expertly negotiated several issues we had with repairs, inspections, and financing. We would not live in our dream house without Annika!!

-Bert S.~ San Clemente

Annika really went all out for us to get us into the home of our dreams! I cannot imagine anyone else working as efficiently, productively, honestly, and tirelessly as Annika and her team.

She walked us through each step of the process and patiently answered all of our questions. Additionally, she went to bat for us and didn't back down! We would definitely not be homeowners today if it wasn't for Annika Godfrey and the Godfrey-Group.

Every industry has an elite group of people that have proven reputations and results. Annika Godfrey and The Godfrey Group are those elites.

-Linda B.~ San Clemente

SOLD!! Represented both Sellers & Buyers

Notes from the Agent~
Yayyyyyy closed another one for the people! I represented the sellers who already moved to North Carolina and these wonderful buyers gave us the photo opp. We represented them too. We do both and we do it well. It’s difficult to navigate a dual agency deal but everyone got what they wanted. My sellers got 100k more than they initially wanted and I said I have a goal in mind and I’d like to target that goal. Well, yup….we did it! We got our sellers 100k more than they wanted and our buyers are over the moon excited. Natasha is an amazing partner and I’m thrilled she got to work with the buyers on this. Team work makes the dream work!!!!

I love these people & I love what we were able to do for them!!!

Notes from the Agent~ Major Success Story

I don’t even know where to start with this one… but I’ll try. The very condensed version: In 2016 my son needed some extra…..“something.” We immediately knew Master D at Aliso Hills taekwondo was it. He helped us with H in so many ways. Parenting takes a village. As I was growing my team and business I had an incredible team member Peter Barretta Come to me with a wonderful family (Barry K) that may need my help someday. Well, Peter unfortunately passed away, way too young. Wayyyy too young.

In 2017 I met Barry with whom I was introduced to by Peter. I had continued to call Barry and grow a friendship with Barry. We talked about his plans, real estate, his family and so much more. We met several times at his home on Via Larga to discuss “someday” selling his home.

Sam, his son was still in college so he really wasn’t ready. He’d occasionally call me and ask me about paint or carpet or if he should do this or that. We spoke of market conditions and so much about pricing and what his home could or would sell for.

Well, as I continued to check in….and he’d check in with me too. He always asked me if anyone wants a one story home in this neighborhood to call him. He said that for 4 years. He never wanted to put his home on the market for many many reasons. (Not my story to tell).

Well fast forward to June 2021……Paul D'Ambrosio and Kim D'Ambrosio needed to sell both of their condos, do a purchase as “contingent” buyers with 2 homes on the down leg. OMG it’s near impossible to do that in this market with one home, let alone 2. I had just spoken with Barry again a week prior to meeting with the D’Ambrosios. Boom it was time! Master D was describing Barry’s home and didn’t even know it. I knew it. Needless to say this is an obvious outcome that I could go on and on about, but this would be 30 pages, and “ain’t no one got time for that!”

I love all these people here and thrilled that everyone GENUINELY got what they wanted. Happy closing day friends!!!! And thank you Peter for your constant presence.

-Annika Godfrey

Thank you for choosing The Godfrey Group for all of your real estate needs

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! Another happy couple that won! Thank you for choosing The Godfrey Group for all of your real estate needs. This adorable newly married couple wanted their first time home to start their lives off on the right foot after their wedding of 2020. Fast forward to today….there were ups and downs, but ultimately on this roller coaster market….we made it happen as we always do. Thank you Natasha Spector for being my partner, my kick-ass work wife, and my go-to girl! Congratulations to everyone. Wooop wooooppp!!! #annikagodfreygroup #godfreygroup

You’re adorable and we loved working with you!!!!

Hip hip hoorahhhhh! These cuties recently closed on their first home. Native (OC)Californian’s just like me. I’m so happy for them! They can now live freely beyond the confines of apartment living while building equity & long term wealth. (Ps. There’s nothing wrong with apartment living)…..however, when your baby becomes a toddler, they need space. I remember that same feeling, knowing my needs were changing as my family grew. Congratulations K family. You’re adorable and we loved working with you!!!!

#annikagodfreygroup #godfreygroup #happybuyerswinning

Represented both Sellers & Buyers~This is so amazing!!

Notes from the Agents:

Woo Hoo!! Escrow closed!! This sweet family are so excited to move into their new home!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with this sweet family, and grateful to be part of the process of making their dream of home ownership come true!
•first time homebuyers
•turnkey single level home with solar panels
•competed against 20 offers and won
•happy and grateful beyond words -Natasha Spector

This is so amazing!! Technically, we have sold this 4 times. Hard to explain on here, but it’s amazing. Oh ya, I already said that. The Godfrey Group has your back! Selling and buying all over Orange County!!  My team & I love you & care (& crush it) all in one!! -Annika Godfrey

#annikagodfreygroup #godfreygroup

Clients' Dream Home Purchased in Orange

Notes from the agent-

How cute are these two? Oh, my goodness…. what a wild ride! God bless Natasha Spector for being my partner in crime & for always being so on point with our buyers. We are so lucky to have each other & to continuously make our clients’ dreams come true. No one knows what happens behind the scenes & that’s ok! These two were wonderful people who were so lovely just like our lovely Natasha. Yayyyyyyy for everyone involved. So happy we have the dream team here at The Godfrey Group!!! -Annika Godfrey

#annikagodfreygroup #godfreygroup #happybuyerswinning

We are here for you!! 

Notes from the Agent~ In 2016 Natasha sold these lovely people this lovely model home @ 53 Kestrel in Irvine. Fast forward to 2021.....we just listed and sold their home together. They had a baby, stayed inside for a year during the pandemic and are now moving to a big beautiful home in Kentucky.  We are here for you!!

We are beyond grateful for their amazing service!

Annika and the Godfrey Group were nothing short of amazing. From the moment we met them until we closed on our house, they were quick to respond in both action and communication. We advised on what we were looking for in a house and also specific neighborhood. They took it upon themselves to send a letter to the neighborhood... and it worked! A homeowner responded right away. They helped us negotiate a great price in a sellers’ market. We are beyond grateful for their amazing service.

Kristen M- Capistrano Beach

Seriously, you can't go wrong w/ Annika & her entire team

Can't say enough about the professionalism of Annika and her team. Buying and selling a house is stressful enough without worrying about who is representing you. Every question, every concern -- they were on top of it. Seriously, you can't go wrong with Annika and her entire team. They are the best!

Josh & Chaya P.~ Ladera Ranch

Annika & her team knocked it out of the park, far EXCEEDING our expectations!!

I can hardly put into words how AMAZING Annika is to work with! From the first phone call we had, where Annika took the time to discuss our exact needs and wants with selling our home, to personally helping us with every detail of getting our house ready to put on the market (we had a sensitive situation and were also selling while living 500 miles away), to actually selling our home in record time!!

Annika and her team knocked it out of the park and far exceeded our expectations. We have sold several homes in the past with different realtors, and this experience was unlike any we’ve had before- it was 100 times better! Her professionalism, excellent communication, and expert advice and support made selling our house a wonderful experience. And the story doesn’t end there!

Annika ended up finding us our dream home, before it was even on the market, and we were able to get the home over 6 other offers! Everything went smoothly and it was a seamless transaction. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, please look no further and be sure to call Annika.

She is seriously the best in the business and we are so grateful for how she has helped our family's dreams become a reality this year!

-Bethany P.~ Ladera Ranch, Seller & Buyer

I highly recommend The Godfrey Group!

I was fortunate to have Annika Godfrey and her team Natasha Spector and Logan Musulas as my realtor finding me and my family a replacement home in midst of divorce dilemma. Within a very tight schedule not only they found a home that kids did not miss what was home for years, they did it in such a way that I did not have to deal with extra burden during such exhaustive process. Annika, Natasha and Logan are expert in this field and supported me at many levels; the legalities of such sensitive transaction, the emotional aspect of it, and the after sale support, yet not losing focus on a selection that would be a fit, a home. I highly recommend Annika, Natasha, and Logan!

Benyamin M.~ Rancho Mission Viejo

Getting offers accepted isn't easy right now~ Annika wrote ONE offer & Beat out 20+ other offers to get our DREAM home

"Homes in Southern California are expensive, so as first-time home sellers, thinking about commissions being paid out in the high five digits had me regretting the experience before it even started. It had me seriously considering the discounters that you hear on AM sports talk radio. But then we interviewed some agents and we realized how complicated selling and buying were and that the commissions are really simply protection, by choosing a quality agent, against all of the things that can go wrong. The commissions are also an investment for getting the best price and more importantly the best terms with no problems for selling your home. So, we went with Annika and her team to help us buy and sell. And we will never regret it. Writing and getting offers accepted is not easy right now. We wrote one offer and beat out 20+ other offers to get our ideal home. That is amazing. Since we bought our dream home before selling our current home it was essential to get our home sold and get our funds fast so that we weren't doubling our mortgage payment and paying double on our utilities and insurance. Annika and her team got us offers for $50k over our listing price and netted us much more than we thought and more importantly we got our funds in less than 21 days. Yes, the market right now is super-hot; however, when you think of all the moving parts in buying and selling the number of things that could go sideways are high. Both transactions were seamless. Her help did not stop after escrow closed on our last transaction-During the hottest damn day in California history our AC went out in our new home. Home Warranty was not helpful on Labor Day weekend. Annika was helpful by calling her guy and getting someone over ahead of many other hot customers that were in line before us :)"

John W.~ Mission Viejo/Laguna Hills

I feel like we found some new friends in the process

Moving me out of my home of 36 years and finding a new home was not going to be easy for this team but with lots of prayer and Annika and her team it was a wonderful and stress-less experience. They were all so friendly, also available to answer questions whenever there was one and lots of support during the whole process. I would highly recommend this team and Annika. I feel like we found some new friends in the process.

Karen M. ~ Laguna Hills & Ladera Ranch

Annika & her team are very knowledgeable about all the documentation & made the process go smoothly

Annika Godfrey and the Godfrey Group helped me purchase a home in Aliso Viejo, CA. I am a veteran of the armed forces and was using VA financing. This is my third home purchase, so I've had previous experience with the process. Annika and her team are very knowledgeable about all the documentation I needed to make the process go smoothly. They worked well with my lender and I believe made the whole process go a lot smoother. I will definitely be calling on Annika and her team when I am ready to purchase again.

Mike F. ~ Aliso Viejo

If you want the BEST realtor in Orange County- you need Annika Godfrey!

"If you want the best realtor in Orange County you need Annika Godfrey. She is knowledgeable, efficient and well prepared. She has her client’s best interest at heart. She walked us through each step of the sales process. Annika sold our house in one week. She got us over asking price. Annika and her team were always available with answers to any questions we had. We definitely plan on using Annika for our real estate needs in the future."

Mike V.

Mission Viejo ~ Buyer & Seller

We just loved our entire home buying experience thanks to her and her team

Buying a home is super stressful, but we didn't feel any with Annika. She handled everything behind the scenes for us and didn't involve us in anything that might make us worry or feel stressed. She went to bat for us before closing and got the sellers to handle all of our requests. We closed 33 days after the moment we saw and fell in love with our dream home. Annika is professional, but also fun and down to earth. She understands the business side like no other, but her energy and vibe are completely down to earth, full of gratitude and generosity. I cannot recommend her enough! Oh- and her responsiveness by text, email and PHONE are immediate! She doesn't hesitate to pop on a call day or night, which is super refreshing! & We just moved into our dream home 33 days after the moment we saw it thanks to Annika. She referred us to the best mortgage people to make it happen too. She calls, texts and emails to ensure no one ever feels stressed. She takes on the burden of all the details and stress, while shielding us from anything that might make us feel unsettled. She's a phenomenal negotiator and business woman with a sweet and generous heart. Her energy is really special. Full of joy! We just loved our entire home buying experience thanks to her and her team.

Erin W. ~ Huntington Beach

more than happy to recommend The Godfrey Group to ANY seller or buyer

"We decided on The Godfrey group to sell our home, mostly because Annika had good local knowledge and understanding of the buyer profiles interested in the area. Her group was extremely proactive in marketing the property, producing beautiful photos and videos for online real estate databases and gorgeous full color pamphlets for the open houses. Even in the midsts of Covid-19, The Godfrey Group had prospective buyers in place very quickly and a firm offer in a matter of weeks. The sale was handled by Annika and I cannot praise her enough. She and her entire team kept my husband and me up to date at all stages, and they were extremely easy to contact and speak with at our convenience. In addition, Kristina and Logan at The Godfrey Group made the admin side very easy. We were also simultaneously in the market to purchase another home. Natasha at The Godfrey Group was equally as helpful, friendly and efficient. She took us to a number of homes for viewing and notified us about a new listing almost the same hour a home went up for sale based on our specific requirements. I am very pleased to say the whole experience was straight forward, quick and stress free. I am more than happy to recommend The Godfrey Group to any seller or buyer."

Wendy G.~ Mission Viejo

She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Annika is the best!

Annika helped me, and my husband purchase our first home. She showed us six properties that we were interested in on a Sunday afternoon. She understood that we were busy and needed to get it done. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Annika is the best!

Aliso Viejo
Adrian & Zahra

Professionalism & Personality define The Godfrey Group

If you have ever had a day where all the lights were green going to work, this is the experience you will have with the Godfrey Group. Professional and personality define the team. We sold our home for the price we asked. We bought our home for the price we wanted. On both sell and purchase, Annika and Natasha, respectively, were relentless and on top of the game every step of the way. And you get the whole team. The lights are all green, what are you waiting for.

San Clemente Buyers
Joe & Anne

We recommend Annika to ALL of our family & friends, we are glad we have a trusted agent for future real estate needs

We have now sold 2 homes and purchased 1 (soon to be 2) homes with Annika as our real estate agent. She brings with her a ton of industry knowledge from an experienced career, a competent team that handles the logistics of a transaction, and a positive attitude that helps during the arduous task of house hunting. We have had nothing but the best experiences with her brokerage.
From the seller side she provides contacts for staging, she includes great photography work and brochures in her marketing materials during the sale of a home, and she holds numerous open houses (following up with ever visitor after- which is key).
On the buyer side she is just as helpful, by showing properties or having her team show them if she is not immediately available. She has pulled both sale and rental comps for many of the places we were interested in, and she is pragmatic about the offer and counter offer process - not every offer is going to work because you want a good deal! Above all else Annika is great at keeping constant communication and processes moving forward. We recommend Annika to all of our family and friends and are glad we have a trusted agent for future real estate needs.

Orange/Anaheim Hills- Buyers & Sellers
Robert & Lindsey Z.

Crushed it in Covenant Hills

We are grateful to have had Annika assist us with our first home purchase in California. We felt we had a close friend and experienced pro with us throughout the entire journey. Her personalized attention was amazing, especially navigating a rather challenging property. Annika's support, patience and understanding of our needs and timeline played a critical part in our experience, resulting in exactly what we wanted. We look forward to working with Annika again in the future. We are forever grateful.

Ladera Ranch Buyers
Mike & Mirella Stanits

Annika kept ALL of her promises from beginning to successful end.

I needed to sell my very special, custom, luxury home in San Clemente. I built this home from the ground up. I knew it needed fantastic marketing and the right agent to help us get the job done right. Before we met Annika, we hired not one, but two local specialists to sell our custom home. They both failed. They both made promises they didn’t keep, but not Annika. Annika kept all of her promises from beginning to successful end. Thank you Annika & The Godfrey Group for everything you did to help me and my lovely bride of 32 years. You helped us successfully sell our custom home and transition into an even more satisfying home in San Clemente. We are truly grateful for all you did to help guide us through everything including marketing, negotiating, negotiating repairs, and helping us win the home of our dreams even in a crazy market with a house contingency. You and your team are second to NONE!

San Clemente-Sellers & Buyers
Jim & Sue Pierce

Working w/ Annika to sell our condo, while simultaneously buying a house was a great experience!!

Working with Annika to sell our condo while simultaneously buying a house was a great experience! Her enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, and confidence allowed us to put our trust in her during the entire process. She helped sell our home in record time in order for us to get the perfect house! We definitely recommend Annika if you are interested in buying the home of your dreams in Orange County!

Thank you for all your help, Annika!

Mission Viejo-Seller & Buyer
Adriana L.

Annika Godfrey was like Mary Poppins~she came into our lives & made the process practically perfect in every way!

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Selling your home and buying a new one, may be one of the most difficult, and stressful times in your life. Annika Godfrey was like Mary Poppins and came into our lives, making the process practically perfect in every way. Annika met us on a Monday, we staged our home on Tuesday, got a professional photographer to take photos on Wednesday, listed our condo on Thursday, got an offer on Friday, did an open house on Saturday, and we accepted an offer that following Monday. She guided us through the grueling journey of escrow, inspections, appraisals, and the countless documents we had to review and sign. She even always knew exactly what to say to keep us calm and focused on the big picture of getting our forever home. Annika Godfrey and her fantastic team did all these things using her 20 plus years of experience. Thank you to Annika and the whole team for our beautiful dream home.

Mission Viejo-Seller & Buyer
Minh Luong

...then we met Annika Godfrey, who put the fun back into finding our dream home!

Our dream home for our family needed to have a craftsman look, a spacious backyard, walking distance to great schools, and all for the right price.  My wife and I aggressively searched for our dream home for an entire year.  House after house, agent after agent, and disappointment after disappointment, my wife and I were tired, frustrated, and ready to quit; then we met Annika Godfrey, who put the fun back into finding our dream home.

From the start, we could feel Annika's awesome energy and her positivity was contagious.  Soon after meeting Annika we made an offer on our dream home.  What's great about Annika is that she is not only a real estate agent; Annika has an entire team of real estate professionals at her disposal who work synergistically to get the deal done.  She has a loan officer, an appraiser, a home inspector, the escrow team, a mobile notary and then some.  Not only did Annika have a strong team of experienced professionals, who were all accessible, efficient, and knowledgeable they worked together harmoniously, which made our home buying process seem effortless and stress free.

Looking back at our home buying experience, I honestly could say that we wouldn't have been able to find this home, nor would we have been able to close on this home if not for Annika representing us as buyers.  Annika's professionalism, experience, and passion are the reasons why she is an amazing agent to have on your side.  If you are looking for a dream home, to sell your home, or for any real estate needs I would strongly recommend Annika Godfrey.

Neil E.

Annika made sure we got our house and kept me calm throughout the process

My husband and I really appreciate everything Annika did for us in finding and securing our home in Orange, CA.  This is a tough market to buy in and you need the right agent to get the deal done.  Annika made sure we got our house and kept me calm throughout the process.  I recommend her to all my friends and family and we will definitely have her represent us again in the future!

Aer D.

You will not find a better realtor!

You will not find a better realtor! We listed with another realtor originally and didn't have results for months! Once we listed with Annika we got an offer on the first day at top dollar!! Closed in one month!! She works hard and smart!!! She also helped us with the home we were buying... The home we bought needed $20,000.00 worth of termite work!!! She got the sellers to pay for repairs!! Annika is amazing!!

Nellie Gail Ranch, Laguna Hills- Buyers & Sellers
Charles Ochoa

If you don't use Annika you are REALLY missing out

If you don't use Annika you are really missing out.  When you work with Annika you aren't working with "an agent", rather you are working with a friend, an advocate and a professional. She guided us trough our selling process while allowing us to make decisions that were in our best interests.  She truly understands what YOUR needs are, works with you and for you to make buying or selling a home ENJOYABLE!!!  If you want to get the best real estate experience Annika will work day and night to make that happen.

Andrea S.

3 Windflower, Coto De Caza

"Annika is the best. She works hard to understand what is important for her clients and then goes to bat for them. Annika has helped us find and buy our last two homes and we were impressed with how diligent she was in finding the right matches for us. Annika found our first home for us the same day it went on the market. She has 'no fear' when it comes to advocating for her clients and she helped us get the best deal possible." - Mark Stirrat

33 Playa, Aliso Viejo

"Working with Annika was a complete breeze. She was so dedicated and easy to work with! When I first contacted her, we had less than two months left on our short-term lease and were anxious to purchase a home before our lease was up. Though I was skeptical, she was confident that we could find a place and close the deal within that time frame. With her help and guidance, we did. Throughout the process, she was respectful of our price range, very quickly understood our needs and desires, and kept everything on track. I would wholeheartedly and gladly recommend her to family and friends. We are loving our home! Thank you, again, for your hard work in making this happen for us." - Deborah Mancuso

Trevor Buracchio

Dear Annika,
Thank you so much for always having my back with everything real estate related and just in general.
This is an update letter because I want all of your future and potential clients to know who you are
and what you did for me and my family. I know I wrote a great testimonial that I hope has helped your
potential clients in making the right decision by hiring you. But I want to thank you dearly for what you
did for Kathy and I during our Florida new builder purchase.
After Annika successfully sold several of my homes over the years, the last one on 1008 W. Trinity,
which I will add she successfully negotiated while she was on her honeymoon. Shortly after she hit a
home run for us on the sale of that home, we were moving across the country to Florida. She set us
up with contacts there, but we decided to go for a new home build. The home prices were so great
compared to what we could get in OC, that we decided to go for it.
Two days before my wife was due with our first child, I called Annika in a panic. The builder was saying
I had to bring in an additional $25,000 because the house didn’t appraise. She asked me questions,
she got on the phone with the sales girl, she asked her questions and then she struck. She was able
to in a 24 hour period, negotiate down the purchase price on my new build and help me not have a
heart attack in the process. My wife was literally in labor during this process, and frankly I was terrified.
Annika shortly after, sent my wife and I a lovely blanket with our son’s name and birthdate knitted on
the top of blanket.
Annika didn’t get paid for helping me with the negotiation on my home, but she took the time to help
guide me because she is an absolute pro, that truly cares. She always does the right thing regardless
of the outcome for herself. I am forever grateful!
Trevor Buracchio

Trynalee Barton

As a single woman (50+) purchasing a home on her own, I was somewhat intimidated by the process. Thank goodness for Annika. She listened to me, listened to what I was looking for, respected my price range and found me the perfect home. She guided me through the entire process, including helping me find a lender. She was there with me every step of the way, all the while she being 8 months pregnant. She gave me the perfect home and an extremely stress free and enjoyable experience. I would recommend Annika to anyone looking to purchase a home.

 Trynalee Barton –Aliso Viejo Buyer

Deborah & Emil

Working with Annika was a complete breeze. She was so dedicated and easy to work with! When I first contacted her, we had less than two months left on our short-term lease and were anxious to purchase a home before our lease was up. Though I was skeptical, she was confident that we could find a place and close the deal within that time frame. With her help and guidance, we did. Throughout the process, she was respectful of our price range, very quickly understood our needs and desires, and kept everything on track. I would wholeheartedly and gladly recommend her to family and friends.
We are loving our home! Thank you, again, for your hard work in making this happen for us.
Deborah & Emil

Alex Funderburke

There is no job too big or too small for Annika Godfrey. She will bust her butt for you! As a first time buyer I was unfamiliar with everything. Annika recommended I speak with her lender at JMJ Financial. They too, proved to be an amazing asset during this process.
Annika and Beth held my hand the whole way. There was never a time they didn’t answer my calls.
I tried using another agent before only to have a couple different offers slip through the cracks. Annika is relentless when it comes to closing! I had my keys in under 3 weeks!
Thank you so much Annika, Beth and the rest of the team. You guys rock! Let’s do it again in about 5 years!
Buyer-Alex Funderburke (Costa Mesa)

Laurie Jacobsen

Annika was a godsend! I had recently divorced, had sold the family home and was renting a room from someone who goes to my church, when my daughter, who was attending college in NY, was diagnosed with cancer. I needed to find and buy a house fast, then move in and make it into a comfy home so my daughter would have a warm, loving home while she went through chemo and radiation. We looked at 12-14 homes each day! Annika didn't want to sell me any old house just to make a quick sale. She truly wanted to find the perfect home for me. She was caring, compassionate, and had a great sense of humor, all of which I appreciated!!! She was a pleasure to work with! She also was an excellent communicator and negotiator. I felt very confidant having her represent me in the transaction. She professionally handled the details so the transaction would be as stressless as possible. She knows the real estate business! 20 day escrow!
I have been in my new home for almost 9 months and I LOVE it!!! It is perfect for me! Thank you Annika!
(And my daughter is now cancer free!)

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