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Hands down, Annika Godfrey & The Godfrey Group are the BEST!!

Selling a home is a really big deal that can go wrong at any moment. That is why you want Annika Godfrey and the Godfrey Group to be there for you. Our online investigation showed that she had consistently great reviews that were so good, we were actually a bit skeptical.

But from the outset, Annika proved that the great reviews were all correct…and more. She was amazingly responsive, both in her actions and communications with us, and did everything she said she would do when she promised to do it.

She arranged for the staging of our home (yes, it is worth the cost if she recommends it), hired a fantastic photographer, and even put us in touch with someone who helped us haul away unwanted furniture.

Annika promoted and priced our home to get an unbelievable number of viewings within hours of listing, handled the stress from the many anxious buyers who wanted to view the home, and within days, negotiated a great deal.

We then simply followed her lead and had confidence that she was there to help us with the tough decisions. We greatly appreciated Annika’s calm manner and sense of caring that proves that being a realtor is not just her job… it is her passion.

She was on site every time that we needed her, even on very short notice, and her team was knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and polite.

We can’t say it was a completely worry-free experience, but when we would reach out to Annika, she would make sure all our concerns were addressed at the right time.

Selling our home of 37 years was a big moment in our lives, so it was incredibly important to have a great realtor and team that would work hard to help us through it. Hands down, THAT was what Annika Godfrey, and the Godfrey Group did for us, and we are certain they will do the same for you.

-Brent & Linda K.~ Laguna Niguel

Notes from the Agent~

Oh my gosh Brent and Linda. Thank you so much for a truly exceptional review. It really does tell our true story. Thank you for being amazing with your articulation of our experience together. I am so thankful for you and your trust in me from the beginning.

I wish you a wonderful thanksgiving and an exciting time on your next adventure. Thank you again for the best review!!! I’m so happy 😀 yayyyyyy

-Annika Godfrey

Annika's Team gets it done & more~ If I could give 12 stars, I would!!

Awesomeness!! It's easy sometimes to do the big things, it's harder sometimes to accomplish the little things. The attention to detail. The tough phone calls. Being able to get that last little detail taken care of before closing. Annika's Team gets those things done and more. If I could give 12 stars, I would.

Everyone on the Team plays a very significant role. Thank you, Logan! Thank you, Dutch! Thank you, Annika! But a very special Thank you to Natasha Spector!! Thank you very much for all your help and support and your hard work! You made a very difficult transaction palatable, and you helped close the deal!!

Thank you to everyone that helped. I look forward to my next home purchase that will be taking place shortly. CHEERS TO A JOB WELL DONE!!!

-Kevin Y.~ Laguna Woods

The “plan” worked! The team “crushed” it! Most importantly, we made LOTS of MONEY!!

Where to begin?! Since our first encounter with Annika, it has been nothing short of amazing. Her confidence and fun demeanor is something that you don’t get from most agents. I myself really appreciated her honesty and the fact that she really LOVES what she does.

Annika and her team really outperformed all agents that I’ve dealt with in my lifetime. The “plan” worked! The team “crushed” it! Most importantly, we made lots of money!! Thank you, Godfrey Group!!

-Derick N.- Laguna Hills Seller

Notes from the Agent~

I love these people so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️This is the third time I’ve sold this house. We crushed this soooooo hard for them! I’m so sad that they are being transferred. Just as we were getting to know them, they have to leave. 😭😭😭😭that’s the part of my job I don’t love. But I do love what we did for them. When I told them what their net proceeds would be….they said they can retire early and be debt free!!!

I know I help change lives….this was definitely a good one. We sold their house for $255,000 over what I sold their model match neighbor for in April. And that April sale was $125,000 over what a different agent sold the same model a month prior. So….strategy matters, who you hire matters, it all matters!
-Annika Godfrey

I cannot express how grateful I am to Annika Godfrey!!!!

I can't say enough about Annika and her team. This is usually one of the most stressful processes that people go through. BUT.... Annika and her team took the stress from our shoulders. We needed to sell 2 condos and buy 1 house.

We had a vision of what we wanted, but the timing had to be perfect for this to work. We told Annika what we would like in our next and forever home. We thought with our budget it would be impossible and we would have to give up something. WELL... we got everything we wanted! From our first meeting Annika said, 'follow my plan' and it will work out. We did.

We trusted. We followed her plan, and we got the house we wanted, and it was EVERYTHING we asked for in a home. The home wasn't even on the market. She put it all together! We saw 1 home, just 1. I didn't need to see any others. She showed us exactly what we asked for and that was the one.

She and her team were on it. Everything from the escrow to the loan and all details were coordinated perfectly. I cannot express how grateful I am to Annika Godfrey!!!!

Kim D.

If we had to do it over, we’d definitely hire Annika again!!

Annika demonstrated a ‘Mozart’ moment for me: she was facing multiple variables in order to sell my Home in 3 weeks. Step by step she put her ‘symphony together’ with her team and communicated proactively every milestone we had to cross.

I have sold 3 homes in 30 years and never had such an incredible experience from the initial inquiry to the close of our home. Please do not hesitate to “buckle-up”, listen to her request, define your needs/goals, and enjoy this professional experience! Wow!

If we had to do it over, we’d definitely hire Annika again! If you’re ever thinking about selling your home, you should give her a call!

-Barry K.~ Laguna Niguel

Notes from the Agent~

Sold Off Market, Ecstatic Sellers & Buyers!! I love these guys! Father/Son amazing duo!!! Congratulations boys!!!! 4 years in the making!!
-Annika Godfrey

The Godfrey Group is simply the BEST!

Annika Godfrey and her team are the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Being separated for 5 years, Covid brought my wife and I back together and we needed to sell 2 properties and find our "forever home". We told Annika EXACTLY the type of house we were looking for- single-level, 1600-1800sf, open floor plan, bright inside, with a yard, driveway, and I didn't think it was affordable for us but I wanted a little privacy...AND it had to be "off-market" because we could not afford to get into a bidding war with anyone else as is often the case these days.

Not only did Annika find us a house that checked every box on our wish list, but she also found us the PERFECT house in an even better neighborhood than we ever imagined! Then she put this whole plan into motion- staging and selling our condos for significantly more money than we thought possible, working out rent-backs so the timing of all the moving would be in sync and no one would be 'homeless' for any period of time, and basically orchestrating every aspect of the process (escrow, loan, inspections, etc.) so my wife and I didn't need to worry or stress (too much :-)).

Annika and her team are professional, knowledgeable, quick to communicate and respond to questions, and overall amazing!! Annika ACTUALLY CARES about her clients and their needs and takes it very personally, I felt like we were family members! We have bought and sold 4 other properties in the past and I wish I knew Annika then. This was by far the most complicated transaction of them all but because of Annika and her team, it was the smoothest!!

I don't plan on ever moving again, but if I must, I will only use Annika and her team. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home. They are simply the best!!!

Paul D.~ Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo Seller & Buyer

Notes from the Agent~

We closed this baby today too. It is a beautiful thing when you get everyone what they want. There’s a deeper story here. I just sold one of two homes for this seller that is RE-uniting with his amazing wife. We sold both of their homes and are going to close next week on their “off market” (not on MLS) purchase. I’m making a lot of people’s dreams come true…one day at a time.

Wooo weee! This one was a roller coaster but we made it to the finish line…..AS WE ALWAYS DO!!!! ALWAYS!!!

-Annika Godfrey

Record Breaking Price!!

Annika, We Forgot to Tell you...YOU ARE THE F... BOMB!!! We Love you & THANK YOU so much for all your help & support for helping us selling the condo. Also thank you for being so patient w/ us. Don't Trust the Sale of Your Home to Anyone but Annika & The Godfrey Group. In Godfrey Group We Tru$t. It's not just the market! Annika knows how to set up her $ellers to WIN!! Highest Sale Ever recorded, Sold in Just 6 Days, Smoothest Escrow Processes Ever! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
-Pablo & Annette A.~ Costa Mesa

Notes from the Agent~

I wish I could convey how much I love these two and how much we crushed it again. These are past clients of mine (we always become friends in the long run). Pablo has this amazing Spanish accent that is so incredibly beautiful. I have so much fun imitating it….I tend to do that with my peeps that have accents. We have so much fun with it! This was a well deserved smooth beautiful escrow. Thank you God!!!! It’s always helpful with a great team in place (including the clients). We sold this condo for 30k over the last recent sale (which is tough in a gated community and a condo). They’re over the moon and so is the buyer. They made such a beautiful profit in such a short time of owning it and are now closer to me. Yayyyyyyyy! Congratulations friends!! I love when my clients keep coming back. Loyalty and trust! We crushed this and set the highest price in their tract everrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
-Annika Godfrey

Having the Godfrey Group's support, meant I always received great & prompt service!!

Annika and Natasha were phenomenal! I was able to sell our home in Tustin Legacy in less than a week and bought a new place. They were professional, helpful, and so easy to work with. They had so much knowledge about real estate and the area such as schools and traffic. Also, having a whole team meant I always received great and prompt service. I highly recommend them.

Lyly T.~ Tustin Ranch

Selling a home is stressful… The Godfrey Group took all the stress out of the process!!

Annika and her team are unbelievably amazing! From the start of the process to the close of escrow and beyond, they were there every step of the way. Selling a home is stressful … but they took all the stress out of the process. Annika walked through our home, worked up a plan that accommodated our needs and requests, and then set the plan in motion. Our home sold over asking in just two days! Even after closing, she continued to follow up with us to make sure we had secured the home of our dreams. She was more than willing to show us homes in OC without hesitation, even while knowing that we might be moving out of the county entirely. She did not sleep until we were in contract on our new house – well above and beyond any of our expectations of customer service. Annika and her team know what is takes to sell homes! In her words … they CRUSHED IT!!!

Maria & Duke P.- Laguna Hills

Notes from the Agent~
Woooo hoooo!!! Man I love my people. We do so good and I love them for doing these silly boomerangs for me. We crushed it for them and now they get to go enjoy their new wonderful adventure. I feel so lucky when I get to work with people just like this. Thank you for being amazing, being fun, following the plan and just flat out being rad! I’m so happy for your next journey and thank you so much for being amazing clients and now friends. So sad to see you go but thrilled you’re getting everything you want. Thank you for the fabulous review!

-Annika Godfrey

This was the 5th house I have sold in 3 states & by far the best experience, I would not go w/ anyone else!!!

SOLD!!!!! Annika and her top-notch team sold our house very quickly, for top dollar, and made it super easy for us as sellers!! We accepted a great offer 3 days after listing. The only reason it took that long was counting all the offers coming in 🙂 Her team is FULL service and professional!! They arranged everything we needed to sell our house - Window cleaners, Stagers, house cleaners, photographers, name it. They were in and out like clockwork and they were each top notch at a great value. Annika was personally in constant communication throughout the entire process and super encouraging along the way. This was the 5th house I have sold in 3 states and by far the best experience. I would not go with anyone else!! Thank you, Annika, Logan, Kristina, Charisse, and Terri!!!

Kyle E.~ Laguna Niguel

Sold $100K OVER List Price in 2 Days!! The Godfrey Group has a plan that sets up clients to WIN BIG!!

I found Annika and her team by looking through online reviews. I can say with all honesty that she has lived up to her 5-star reviews and way beyond! I am going through a divorce and moving across the country, and I needed a competent, capable, and communicative realtor. Annika has all those attributes and more! I never had to worry about anything with Annika and her team on my side. She is detail oriented and arranged everything to get my house sold at its highest price in the fastest time with the least amount of worry to me. Annika --- you crushed it!!! -Staci E.- Laguna Niguel

Notes from the Agent~
Mother daughter cuties!!!! We sold their home FAST and at an ALL TIME RECORD PRICE……as usual. We sold this home for $150,000 over the last comp that closed last week. I swear it’s not just the hot sellers market we are in. We have a plan that sets our clients up to WIN BIG!! Congratulations to my beautiful sellers and their whole family.
-Annika Godfrey

The Godfrey Group is Truly AMAZING & will NOT let you down!

Annika is amazing...she can sell baby! Super professional and very savvy, she will get you everything you need and more! Annika and the Godfrey Group are a fine-tuned and well-oiled selling machine!! They sold my home (a fixer upper) for more than I thought I could get. They are truly amazing, and you will NOT be let down!

-Blake Corbin- Laguna Niguel

Notes from the Agent~ I love this guy!!! He knows!!! We just closed a doozy! We went to high school together. He’s a badass!!! I’ve helped his brother and their wonderful family sell and buy and even threw them a party as Blake would say. This killer surfer has mad skills, a bitchin’ attitude and all around good jam! We did well together here! I’m so glad “once a hawk, always a hawk” applies. Loyalty and trust! That’s how we roll.

- Annika Godfrey

Our retirement dreams are now a reality thanks to Annika & her Team! Highest price EVER in the history of this Tract!

Annika Godfrey and the team at the Godfrey Group could not have impressed us more. We had lived in our home for over 20 years, and after raising our kids there, had decided it was time to downsize and enjoy our retirement. We were overwhelmed with the immensity of the tasks ahead, and unsure how to best prepare our property for a successful and profitable sale. Annika came in with her positive can-do attitude, and gave us practical advice, encouragement, and most importantly a clear plan to follow. With her guidance we tackled the job strategically, focusing on those areas of the home that would make the most difference to a buyer, and the final result was a home we were proud to put on the market. Her contacts during the process proved to be invaluable to us. The contractors she recommended came in at very reasonable prices and provided impressive results. It’s easy to say that we would happily hire any one of them again if the need should arise. Throughout the entire process Annika remained very positive and responded quickly to us. In fact, the entire Godfrey Group team was only a text away to answer any questions that came up, whether it be regarding the preparation of the property, the listing process, or the final sale and closing. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to sell their property, it would be to choose Annika Godfrey as your Realtor, allow her to come up with a plan specifically for your property, and then follow that plan all the way through to the end. Annika’s knowledge of the market and her strategy for success offered us an amazing opportunity to meet our goals. We were thrilled with the listing price she set for our home, and amazed when we closed the sale at substantially higher price. Our retirement dreams are now a reality in great part thanks to Annika and her team.

Jerry & Leanne B.~ Laguna Hills

Hiring the Godfrey Group was the BEST decision we made!!!!

Annika Godfrey and her team set the gold standard in residential real estate brokerage. When we decided it was time to sell and prepare to move on to our next home, we had a lot of options for how we would find a buyer. We interviewed several agents from different brokerages and online real estate platforms. We invested a lot in our property and wanted to find a buyer who recognized its value. Hiring the Godfrey Group was the best decision we made in selling our house. Annika Godfrey had the strategy, expertise, and support team that we needed to get the most value in the sale. As busy professionals and parents, we were very lucky to have 24/7 access to Annika’s team. The Godfrey Group’s concierge was just a text message away. They coordinated everything—staging, photography, listing, showing, negotiations, contingencies, appraisal, inspections, walk-throughs, repairs, and more—and were courteous, fun, and cheerful every step of the way. I will refer my friends and clients to Annika every time. She is dependable, responsive, and will bring her team’s pro-active habits and diligence to every transaction. She knows the South Orange County market because it’s her home and she has been brokering residential real estate for more than a decade. The Godfrey Group can anticipate every issue. If your experience is like ours, Annika’s team will represent you and make sure you have every advantage in meeting your goals.

Jessica V.~ Aliso Viejo

She’s the Best!!!!!!! Sold in 48 hours w/ Multiple Offers

Once again Annika and her team knocked it out of the park! Our home sold in less than 48 hours with multiple offers!!! They went above and beyond to prepare and market our home. Everything they do is top notch. They only work with talented photographers and video crews to get exceptional images. We truly believe the extra steps they took enabled us to have a fast and smooth sales process resulting in top dollar - the highest sale ever in our community! We could not be happier! We are so grateful for Annika and her entire team!
Beth G.- Mission Viejo

Notes from the Agent~ I legit love these people to pieces! These awesome humans who are so smart, fun, funny, successful and just plain rad! They trusted me for the second time to sell their home. We set the bar and new gold standard in their community back in 2016, and helped the whole neighborhood recover from 2008 crash. This time we sold this home in Quail Run for $1,425,000 which is the highest price in the community in history, just like I did in 2016 in their Aliso Viejo home. We sold this home for $125,000 than the last sale that closed last week. (Navigating through appraisal on that was a doozy) They are the best and deserve the best! I’m so excited for you guys and your new adventure. I love you so much! Sad to see you leave California, but thrilled for you to be with your family. - Annika Godfrey

Who you hire matters!!

Amazing Realtor and Team. Sold my home and others in the Community for Top Dollar. $60,000 + over what other Realtors priced. Great skills in negotiation and advises you every step. Home sold in 48 hours, closed in 30 days. Could not be happier!!   Valerie M.~ Aliso Viejo

Notes from the Agent~

This lovely seller hired me to help her plan an out of state move. It was months of planning, hand holding, strategizing etc. We listed her home 30 days ago for $697,500. She followed the Annika Godfrey plan. This home was listed very high for the neighborhood and for the comps. We sold her condo for $780,000 which is $597.00 per square foot. I know people are getting crazy prices, but we are the ones that SET THE BAR. We do the hard work, so other agents (not all agents) can rely on our sales for comps. We have a plan to walk you through not only getting you the highest net proceeds, setting records for the communities we serve and ultimately getting you to YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME  welcome to The Annika Godfrey-The Godfrey Group. Who you hire matters. She’s over the moon! This is the 4th time I’ve set the record in this tract at different times and different markets.- Annika Godfrey

New Record Set~ Highest Price per Sq.Ft. in Community

I can hardly put into words how AMAZING Annika and her team are to work with! From the first phone call and meeting we had, where Annika took the time to discuss our exact needs and wants with selling our home, to personally helping us with every detail of getting our house ready to put on the market (Annika has a contact for every job you need doing and they do fantastic work and great value). Annika pointed us in the right direction on how to maximize the house sale price, it worked!!! The house sold for full ask after the first weekend of viewings and this for sure was due to Annika and here team and the effort they put in to getting us ready. From the first day to the last day, Annika and the team were with us and guiding us. When you are selling a house and dealing with the stress of everything going on, having Annika on your team is the best thing you can do!!
And the story does not end there! Annika ended up finding us a rental home, that took so much pressure off us as we were getting refusals due to our cats and dog. We can now relax and enjoy the next 12 months.  If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please look no further and be sure to call Annika. She is seriously the best in the business, and we are so grateful for how she has helped us in every way!

Dave & Wendy B.~ San Juan Capistrano

Annika Set Highest Historical Price for Subdivision

With Annika, we set the highest historical price for our subdivision. We were able to keep the property in escrow, even though the purchase price exceeded the appraisal, and got it to the finish line. In the end, we received about $150k more than the other agents said we should list at. We interviewed several agents from online platforms. Choosing Annika and the Godfrey Group was the best decision -- she had the strategy, expertise, and support team that we needed to get the most value. We had 24/7 access to Annika’s team. They were always just a text message away. They coordinated everything—staging, photography, listing, showing, negotiations, contingencies, appraisal, inspections, walk-throughs, repairs. They were courteous, fun, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Annika every time!!

Jake V. ~ Aliso Viejo

Sold in ONE day w/ MULTIPLE Offers!

Annika came with a plan and a sale price, I loved them both. She had a great marketing strategy for my condo, which was sold in one day with multiple offers. She was always there to support me every step in the process. Her team is amazing. I would highly recommend Annika to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I was very lucky to have Annika as my realtor!

Bev D.~ Huntington Beach

Seriously, you can't go wrong w/ Annika & her entire team

Can't say enough about the professionalism of Annika and her team. Buying and selling a house is stressful enough without worrying about who is representing you. Every question, every concern -- they were on top of it. Seriously, you can't go wrong with Annika and her entire team. They are the best!

Josh & Chaya P.~ Ladera Ranch

We sold our home the first day for 5% HIGHER than the list price!

We hired Annika and her team to sell our home and we are beyond pleased with the outcome, the service, the level of communication, everything. Let me explain. First, I should mention that I am a recently retired residential real estate agent and know dozens of top-notch realtors in this market area. Therefore, I had a firm idea of what the value of our home was. I knew we were going to have to do everything right to get the number I was seeking. We interviewed a few agents before we met Annika. Until we met Annika, we had not met someone with a plan and a willingness to list for my value. They all showed us spread sheets with comparable closed sales. Only Annika looked at what was for sale, and what our competition was going to be. We allowed Annika to completely take over the selling of our home. We adopted her plan. We staged the home, and we moved our stuff into the garage. Her photographer came and spent hours at our home taking breathtaking photos. Once we saw the photos and the overall affect the staging had we knew we had made the right decision. We discussed pricing one last time before the listing went live. We raised the asking price at that point (we were now 3% higher than any other agent wanted to list for). We sold our home the first day for 5% higher than the list price in a 21-day escrow. There are many reasons why Annika’s plan worked for us. One of the more subtle reasons is that it changed our home from a comfortable cozy family home into a bright and cheerful vision of how someone could live in this home. The reason we got so many offers over asking price (and almost 8% over the last model match comparable) is because of the emotional experience buyers had in our home. One last thing; do not discount the value of an emotional buyer. Our buyers had to fight hard to get the appraisal up to the purchase price and rework their loan to close the purchase. Your home is not sold until escrow closes. Annika’s plan was an important part in selling the home, the escrow process, and the final sale of the home.

Dave & Connie S. ~ Laguna Hills

We couldn’t have chosen a better Realtor~Annika sold our house in 3 weeks during the Pandemic & during the wildest, most uncertain election in history

We’ve lived in our home on 29181 Kensington Drive for 48 years. We had thought about selling & our goal was to close in the current year. With Annika & her team we were able to meet our goal. We interviewed other Realtors but, in the end, chose Annika. We couldn’t have chosen a better Realtor. Annika sold our house in 3 weeks during the Pandemic & during the wildest, most uncertain election in history. From first listing to the final day Annika was in contact w/ us daily & was always available when we needed to call her. We always felt she had our best interest in mind & made us feel comfortable during this difficult process. We would not hesitate to recommend Annika to family & friends.

Phil & Carolyn W. ~ Laguna Niguel

We managed to sell for a RECORD price~ during the COVID-19 Pandemic

My condominium was a unique sell, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when buyers were looking for more living space to adjust to Working from Home. My small one-bedroom condo was not the kind of property that was normally garnering lots of interest. However, she was able to apply her expertise to attract interest despite the limited prospect pool. Her advice on pricing, staging, and marketing helped us maintain constant foot traffic and interest levels. And her years of experience helped us make the best decisions for this unique and unprecedented time in history. We managed to sell the unit for a record price; far exceedingly even my loftiest of expectations — just in time for a very special Thanksgiving celebration! If you are looking for a realtor to be a true partner throughout the entire process, look no further than Annika and her team.

John C.~ Laguna Niguel

We received offers above asking on day 1 of showings! We sold @ the highest price in history for our model match in the neighborhood

This past summer we decided that our lives may better be served closer to family in another state. Previously I had refused to leave CA but now found myself ready to make the move. I'm not going to lie; I was apprehensive about selling during the pandemic for many reasons. I had worries about our home sitting on the market for 6 months and not getting the price we were asking. Plus, I was not sure how to feel about random people walking through our house all weekend. Our fears were laid to rest the moment Annika walked in the door. We knew she was our gal! She walked us through the selling process, let us know that all prospective buyers would have to be pre-approved before viewing the home by appointment only, she got us access to preferred contractors to prepare the home for showing and ensured us that PPE would be provided and worn for all showings. There is no doubt that because of Annika and her team, we knocked it out of the park! We received offers above asking on day 1 of showings and we sold at the highest amount in history for our model match in the neighborhood. Throughout the entire process Annika was attentive and available for every call. Her team was amazing as well. Annika has been selling homes for over 22 years and her experience shows in all she does. For us, the whole process was pretty painless, and we owe that to Annika and her team. Highly recommend The Godfrey Group!

Stephanie C.~ Laguna Hills

Annika & her team knocked it out of the park, far EXCEEDING our expectations!!

I can hardly put into words how AMAZING Annika is to work with! From the first phone call we had, where Annika took the time to discuss our exact needs and wants with selling our home, to personally helping us with every detail of getting our house ready to put on the market (we had a sensitive situation and were also selling while living 500 miles away), to actually selling our home in record time!!

Annika and her team knocked it out of the park and far exceeded our expectations. We have sold several homes in the past with different realtors, and this experience was unlike any we’ve had before- it was 100 times better! Her professionalism, excellent communication, and expert advice and support made selling our house a wonderful experience. And the story doesn’t end there!

Annika ended up finding us our dream home, before it was even on the market, and we were able to get the home over 6 other offers! Everything went smoothly and it was a seamless transaction. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, please look no further and be sure to call Annika.

She is seriously the best in the business and we are so grateful for how she has helped our family's dreams become a reality this year!

-Bethany P.~ Ladera Ranch, Seller & Buyer

Annika sold our home during Covid @ FULL asking price in less than a week!

Annika was beyond amazing and we are ecstatic about her managing the sale of our house. She helped us buy this home in Vantis 4 years ago and was masterful then. We listed it with her a few weeks ago to sell it and move out of the area, and she was even more impressive this time, if that is possible! It was not easy to pull this one off. We had some repair issues and she pulled a rabbit out of her hat to get someone in right away to fix a minor issue, it would have taken us a week and she had someone there in a day. She sold our home during Covid at full asking price in less than a week, she made sure the buyer was solid before we entered into escrow, her marketing was impeccable, and the most amazing thing is that she ALWAYS answered her phone to help me through the details. I cannot say enough about Annika. And her team is amazing, they helped me out numerous times. We are very, very happy and thankful!!

Gina P.~ Aliso Viejo

Annika Sold our home for a RECORD price in just 2 days, during the Pandemic!

Selling a beloved home is an emotional endeavor. We interviewed a discount broker but chose to work with Annika instead. She and her team provided superior service and support, selling our home for a record high in just two days during the Pandemic.

Annika sold our home in 2 days for $63,000 over list price! Using a full-service realtor was the best decision we could have made. The sale exceeded our expectations and was so well managed that we closed in three weeks. We highly recommend Annika and her professional team!

Rick & Cindy D.~ Orange/Serrano Heights

During Sales Negotiations Annika had my back 100%

Annika and her team were incredible, they worked tirelessly to get our house sold. Even in the middle of the Corona Virus she was able to get many pre-qualified buyers & during sales negotiations she had my back 100% and we were able to maximize our profit.

Steve D. ~ Laguna Niguel

If you need a person you can trust & get the best ROI for your home, Annika is your girl!

Annika was a pleasure to work with. She not only helped us get our dream home with our first offer, but also sold our home for $50k above listing... during a pandemic! Within the first month of living in our new home our AC unit went out, she was able to help us push our home warranty to move quickly, and also recommended someone to come service our unit. If you need a person you can trust and get you the best ROI for your home, Annika is your girl. Thanks a lot Annika, you crushed it!

Sarah W.~ Mission Viejo/Laguna Hills

Within 24 hours of listing our house she got us a buyer & we sold for above asking price

Best in the business!!! I wish all my transactions could go as smooth as this! From our first meeting Annika treated us like VIPs. She exudes experience and personal touch. She immediately came up with a marketing plan for our house. Although we were looking to buy on the contingency of our sale, she set us up so well that our offer was as good as any.

Within 24 hours of listing our house she got us a buyer and we sold for above our asking price. Her and her team worked feverishly to get us into every house we wanted to see. And because of our awesome set up we got the first home we offered on and a 30-day escrow! This maybe the greatest real estate experience in history but I have to give credit where credit’s due.

She laid out a plan and everything happen just as it was supposed to and all in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish there were 6 stars. Annika, Kristina, Natasha and the whole team are a dedicated and seasoned crew that excel at customer service. Not only am I writing this review from the comfort of our new home, but she has become a family friend in the process. She is simply the best there is! Thanks so much Annika we couldn't be happier!

Mike C. ~ Buyer & Seller, Laguna Niguel

Annika is so warm and friendly and works harder than anyone in the business

I was so fortunate to find Annika! When I decided to sell my home, I noticed that she had listed my neighbor's home which was in escrow within a couple of days, so I decided to give her a call. From our first meeting, I knew I would be in great hands. Annika is so warm and friendly and works harder than anyone in the business. She rolls out the red carpet and goes above and beyond, even for ordinary people like me. She is not focused on only selling high-priced homes or working with the elite just to make money. Instead, she cares about regular people and giving them the best experience possible when selling their home. Her focus is on her customer and doing everything she can to help them achieve the outcome they want. I have sold 8 homes and have never had such a great experience with an agent. Annika and her team are consummate professionals and clearly have the experience and knowledge to make selling a home an easy process for the seller. Although there were difficulties and challenges due to the pandemic and all the usual issues of selling a home, she was so understanding, and she and her team managed all the issues behind the scenes without causing stress for me. From start to finish, from marketing to communication to negotiating to managing all the details, Annika and her team did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them!

Barbara R.~ Laguna Niguel

Annika Godfrey is a consummate real estate professional leader/manager totally committed to customer satisfaction!

We entrusted our house to Annika Godfrey, after vacating it to relocate out of state, depending on her to market it, secure a favorable buyer, and to manage the entire real estate transaction process. It represented an unusual challenge because it had to be performed in our absence, and surely the pandemic posed an enormous barrier on practically all commercial activities. Her past successes gave us confidence she was the right choice to get the job done. Indeed it was. Incredibly, Annika secured for us a sale contract at our FULL LISTING PRICE IN TWO DAYS !! We do not have complete historical data of home prices in our tract, this contract price might be the highest home selling price of record. KUDOS TO ANNIKA!! As absentee sellers we were completely reliant on Annika and her team comprising Kristina Godfrey-Nichols, Logan Musulas and Charisse Wolf. We were at ease as they took care of all transaction requirements and handled every task including negotiating for and managing some home repairs. We simply had to follow her recommendations and “docu-signed” legal forms and documents. It was that easy. All in all it was a smooth process from the beginning to the closing of escrow. What more can a client ask for?! Annika Godfrey is a consummate real estate professional leader/manager totally committed to customer satisfaction! We can recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of a topnotch real estate business professional.

Wes E.~ Laguna Hills

We were so impressed with Annika

We were so impressed with Annika as the Seller's agent when we purchased our Lantern District Home in Dana Point, that we called her to be our listing agent when we decided to sell it. Through Covid, we had five showings, two offers and one close!!! Thanks Annika!!

Dan & Diane N. ~ Dana Point Sellers

Annika sold our home in 1 day during Covid! It sold for $15k OVER our asking price

Annika was amazing to work with! Her experience and knowledge was obvious and she put it into action! She sold our home in 1 day during Covid! It sold for $15k over our asking price which was $99k over the last home sold in our community a few days prior! EVERYTHING went smoothly and it was seamless. Her whole team was completely on it and took the guess work out of it! From title to banking to escrow... all of it was great! She was always there to answer your questions or ease your worries. We sold our home so fast, we needed to find somewhere to go! We ended up buying another home and had an extremely fast escrow so we could close all at the same time. She really fights for you and does it well! I cannot praise her enough, you need to go with her and her team! You will not regret it!

Michael & Marissa C.

Buyers & Sellers, Laguna Hills


In came "Annika the COVID BUSTER"! Hands down the BEST realtor in ORANGE COUNTY!!

Annika is truly your GAME CHANGER Real Estate Agent and a GODSEND in every sense!!! She can literally C-R-U-S-H (her favorite word :)) any sale... hands down the BEST realtor in ORANGE COUNTY!!She spends a lot of timer walking through a detailed/comprehensive plan even before making it an official listing agreement. She knows every detail to the micro and there is something unique about her strategy that just seems to work! like to call it the Annika magic/WOW factor! After week 1 of listing, we went into COVID lockdown! And in came "Annika the COVID BUSTER"! She came up with a modified plan be it marketing materials/digital marketing/virtual tours/follow up with agents. She was ahead of the game... tweaking strategies and I love Annika's theory of NAVIGATING through challenges 🙂 She is a one-of-a-kind and probably one of the best crisis manager I have ever met! Extremely proactive...she thinks before she promises and never over commits and once she commits she delivers!! Without a doubt in my mind, this sale would've never happened the way it did during COVID especially at the price it sold for, if not for Annika! It would only be fair to mention that Annika is supported by an amazing team as well. Kristina and Logan work very closely with Annika and make sure they deliver everything that was promised to the client. When in doubt they never take chances and make sure to always check in with Annika and get back to the client. A special mention to Annika's escrow point of contact - Terri Cordero - such a fantastic lady to work with. Always on top of the subject and makes sure to get back to our questions. Jeff from the termite company and Art who helped us with the painting job - added all the essential elements especially at the right cost. Annika can get this done in COVID, one can imagine what she can do during non-covid times 🙂 Her track record is impeccable and am so glad she was our selling agent during such tough times!!! Call her, speak to her and when you meet her in person you will receive the most positive vibes and you will be glad you decided to engage her with your real estate projects. She is a breath of fresh air ... every time you speak to her!!

Hema & Madhu S.

Laguna Hills

Annika received multiple offers OVER asking price!

Before I hired Annika I interviewed about 8 other agents who all had the same attitude. I had to convince them what the home must be sold for- but not Annika.  Annika knew exactly how to sell this house and in fact, she got multiple offers over asking price.  Thank you, you were amazing to work with.

The Koleas Family ~ Laguna Niguel

Most importantly, she listened to how I wanted to show the property and to whom

I was referred to Annika by a mutual friend to sell a rental property last year. This went well but I cautioned any jump to conclusion based upon the hot real estate market. I hired her again to sell my residence which I had difficulty selling in the past based upon it backing up to a somewhat busy street. We sold in three weeks at full price. Why? She knows what she's doing but most importantly, she listened to how I wanted to show the property and to who. She expertly vetted anyone who showed interest in the property based upon a finite set of rules we developed together. Secondly, and almost equally as important, she follows up…constantly. Those of you that think anyone can be a successful realtor by showing up needs to spend a week with her. Annika and her team are PROFESSIONAL, timely, interested and dedicated to serving their clientele with your best interests in mind.

Patrick S. ~ Mission Viejo

She follows a process of steps from listing & selling real estate which works fantastically!

Annika is extremely professional and very enthusiastic about what she does as a real estate agent/broker. My brothers, sister and I were absolutely impressed by her knowledge of the market, and her professional approach to listing and selling my mother's home in Huntington Beach, CA. She follows a process of steps to listing and selling real estate which works fantastically. The market has been a little slow in the Huntington Harbor area for the last several months. We were concerned that the house might not sell quickly, and we would have to lower our price by a substantial amount of money. The home was listed for sale on a Wednesday and sold by Sunday, 4 days later and the buyer wanted ownership within 30 days! And the house sold for more than it was listed for!

Jeff P. ~ Huntington Beach

I feel like we found some new friends in the process

Moving me out of my home of 36 years and finding a new home was not going to be easy for this team but with lots of prayer and Annika and her team it was a wonderful and stress-less experience. They were all so friendly, also available to answer questions whenever there was one and lots of support during the whole process. I would highly recommend this team and Annika. I feel like we found some new friends in the process.

Karen M. ~ Laguna Hills & Ladera Ranch

When you find a great real estate professional w/ a great team, you make sure to hold onto them & don't let go

Annika helped a family member sell a very difficult piece of property on an expensive little island in Newport Beach. Of course, she got a great price and we were all very grateful. She is truly amazing, and I now refer to her as often as I can, because I know she will get my friends and clients the best price for their real estate. When you find a great real estate professional with a great team, you make sure to hold onto them and don't let go.

Hogan S.

Thanks to Annika we had the best-selling experience EVER!

Thanks to Annika we had the best-selling experience EVER! Everything went so smoothly thanks to her knowledge of every aspect of the process from the listing to the close of escrow. She is always ready to answer your questions and deal with your concerns, and you always know she is there to put your mind at ease. This was our second time Annika was our selling agent and we would never trust anyone else with our home. She is THE BEST!!!

John & Patti L.

Aliso Viejo

If you want the BEST realtor in Orange County- you need Annika Godfrey!

If you want the best realtor in Orange County you need Annika Godfrey. She is knowledgeable, efficient and well prepared. She has her client’s best interest at heart. She walked us through each step of the sales process. Annika sold our house in one week. She got us over asking price. Annika and her team were always available with answers to any questions we had. We definitely plan on using Annika for our real estate needs in the future.

Mike V.

Mission Viejo ~ Buyer & Seller

They were thorough and detailed- advising and guiding us from A to Z

Annika and her team were absolutely amazing. Not only did they walk us through each step of the process in great detail, but they made it fun and seamless. They were thorough and detailed- advising and guiding us from A to Z. I would highly recommend Annika and her fabulous team.

Rania & Peter S. ~ Laguna Beach

Her team is 100% on top of everything and they know what they are doing

She sold our house within ONE WEEK FOR FULL PRICE! Her team is 100% on top of everything and they know what they are doing. If you TRUST her team and do what they say (stage your house!!!) it will sell quickly at top dollar. We are super grateful for their hard work and amazing talent! Would highly recommend to any and all family and friends.


Melanie & Josh S.

San Clemente

I am more than happy to recommend The Godfrey Group to ANY seller or buyer

We decided on The Godfrey group to sell our home, mostly because Annika had good local knowledge and understanding of the buyer profiles interested in the area. Her group was extremely proactive in marketing the property, producing beautiful photos and videos for online real estate databases and gorgeous full color pamphlets for the open houses. Even in the midsts of Covid-19, The Godfrey Group had prospective buyers in place very quickly and a firm offer in a matter of weeks. The sale was handled by Annika and I cannot praise her enough. She and her entire team kept my husband and me up to date at all stages, and they were extremely easy to contact and speak with at our convenience. In addition, Kristina and Logan at The Godfrey Group made the admin side very easy. We were also simultaneously in the market to purchase another home. Natasha at The Godfrey Group was equally as helpful, friendly and efficient. She took us to a number of homes for viewing and notified us about a new listing almost the same hour a home went up for sale based on our specific requirements. I am very pleased to say the whole experience was straight forward, quick and stress free. I am more than happy to recommend The Godfrey Group to any seller or buyer.

Wendy G.~ Mission Viejo

Annika and her team were nothing but Amazing

Annika and her team were nothing but amazing. We had to quickly put my mother-in-law's home on the market after her health rapidly declined and we had to move her to assisted living closer to our home in Idaho. We were worried about listing a home during the beginning of the COVID-19 lock down orders. The house went on the market on a Friday and by Sunday we had 4 offers. Annika talked us through every offer and helped us pick the perfect buyer for her home. Her entire team kept in constant contact with us and we closed escrow 30 days later. I highly recommend Annika and her team!

Nancy T.


Annika Godfrey has a plan & if you follow her plan you will see results.

We interviewed 3 agents for the sale of our parent's home. Annika Godfrey has a plan and if you follow her plan you will see results. For this reason, we picked her, and we want others to have the same positive experience of working with her. She is a great negotiator finding the expert repairmen and held the escrow together when an issue arose. She and her team offer such a friendly, efficient and professional package. I highly recommend this group, they have the knowledge and expertise you need to accomplish the results.

Laguna Hills
Wendy Adams

Not only did Annika go above & beyond, but my property sold & closed within 15 days @ full price from the time I hired Annika

I worked in the termite industry for 32 years with hundreds of realtors which made it very difficult to pick one, so I decided to go with a realtor that helped me get into my home. Unfortunately, it was a huge mistake. My property sat still for 3 months and costed me a great of money. I gave Annika a call, not only did she go above and beyond, but my property was sold and closed within 15 days from the time I hired her at full price. She did not try to give me the salesman type of talk nor did she promise me anything other than she would work hard for me. The results were amazing! She is the only realtor that I would hire for the rest of my properties. I'm going to list my home with her in January. She is an incredible realtor and I thank God she came along when she did. Thank you very much Annika, you are AMAZING!!

Mission Viejo Seller
Randy Dannettelle

Trust Annika & you will come out winning!!!! I know I did!!!! Thank you Annika!!!!

Annika sold my house exceptionally well during the transition period from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. I am convinced that because of Annika’s top-notch marketing experience, her systems & processes, her negotiating skills & tactics along with her overall intuition, that she was able to sell my house for $39,000 ABOVE what I was willing to take. She also managed to close my house $185,000 higher than a hideous, yet truly a model match up the street, that closed 15 days into our escrow. I was really nervous about that! Annika kept me calm and made me feel safe throughout the entire process from list to close. She has excellent communication skills and is very human! I had tried to sell my house a couple of years ago with someone else who was considered an expert….it didn’t sell even though we had it listed at a lower price in a better market. Needless to say, I am thrilled it didn’t because Annika sold my house at a fantastic price (even during the transition from seller’s market to buyer’s market). If you are thinking of selling or buying just do whatever she recommends. She has a gift and knows how to get it done for you. Trust her and you will come out winning!!!! I know I did!!!! Thank you Annika!!!! Now I’m off to travel!

Laguna Hills Sellers
Julianne S.

Annika was there for us EVERY step of the way!

My family and I are soooo fortunate in getting connected with Annika and The Godfrey Group during our search for our home sale broker. It was quite the transition for us but Annika sure made it A LOT less stressful to say the least! Annika was always calm, listening to our every request for information. She was very supportive, very positive, enthusiastic, immediately responsive to our questions to help us in making a decision. Annika was there for US in every step of the way! She is truly an angel. I couldn’t have ever asked for anyone other then her. We would, and will, recommend Annika to anyone in the market to sell or buy a home. We will forever look to Annika when we have any future real estate needs. She is our girl and believe me that she is your girl as well!!!! ***Listen to Annika when it comes to price strategy, even if you think your house is worth more. She will get you more based on what she does, not what you think. We were above and beyond impressed with Annika’s professionalism and her true honest genuine interest in assuring we were satisfied with our final decision. Her mentor-ship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are extremely respected and appreciated. I never felt that she was just trying to sell my house, but that she was a mentor to answer my questions and help me to make the best decision for my family. The best part of it all is that we now have a new friend - a caring friendship that will continue to grow!

Laguna Hills Seller
Elma Z.

I can honestly say I would not have survived the sale of our home without the support & guidance of Annika & her team

Hiring The Godrey Group was an easy decision for us. Annika sold our previous house 4+ years ago, so we already knew that she was the right person for the job. What we didn't know was the difficulty that we would have selling our current home due to its unique floor plan. Annika guided us through the entire process and stayed positive throughout. It was truly her calming influence that kept me from losing my sanity. I spoke with Annika on what seemed like a daily basis and she always made time to calm my nerves. Annika and her team were amazing in so many ways - from working with our schedules and dogs whenever a potential buyer wanted a last minute showing to communicating every detail throughout the escrow process. I can honestly say that I would not have survived the sale of our home without the support and guidance of Annika and her team. Anyone searching for a realtor should look no further than The Godfrey Group and its awesome team!

Laguna Hills/Nellie Gail Ranch Sellers
Charles & Lynda O.

Many agents know how to get to the 20-Yard Line-Annika knows how to get the TOUCHDOWNS!

Observing Annika successfully selling properties in our local area, I decided she was the right one to work with. Contacting her almost a year before our home went on the market, she made several smart recommendations to prepare our home for sale. Our home went on the market just as it was transitioning from a “sellers’ market” to a “buyers” market. Within a few weeks, Annika recognized what was going on and helped my wife and I work through the adjustments we needed to make, to make sure our price reflected market conditions. We regularly discussed the changing market and had full discussions on what would be the best strategy going forward.
Accurate feedback on our prospective was always provided. Open houses were held every weekend and we could see many other aspects of the full effort Annika and her team were making to find the right buyer. She followed up with every respective buyer agent who saw our home. When our eventual buyer did show up, she really showed her negotiating skills and was able to handle several delicate issues that less skilled and inexperienced agents would have fumbled. Bottom line-the deal got done! Many agents know how to get to the 20-yard line-Annika knows how to get the touchdowns! I’m glad we had her in our corner in a tough market. She got the job done. Would not hesitate to recommend Annika to anybody thinking of selling their home!

Laguna Hills Sellers
Buck & Lisa B.

We recommend Annika to ALL of our family & friends, we are glad we have a trusted agent for future real estate needs

We have now sold 2 homes and purchased 1 (soon to be 2) homes with Annika as our real estate agent. She brings with her a ton of industry knowledge from an experienced career, a competent team that handles the logistics of a transaction, and a positive attitude that helps during the arduous task of house hunting. We have had nothing but the best experiences with her brokerage.
From the seller side she provides contacts for staging, she includes great photography work and brochures in her marketing materials during the sale of a home, and she holds numerous open houses (following up with ever visitor after- which is key).
On the buyer side she is just as helpful, by showing properties or having her team show them if she is not immediately available. She has pulled both sale and rental comps for many of the places we were interested in, and she is pragmatic about the offer and counter offer process - not every offer is going to work because you want a good deal! Above all else Annika is great at keeping constant communication and processes moving forward. We recommend Annika to all of our family and friends and are glad we have a trusted agent for future real estate needs.

Orange/Anaheim Hills- Buyers & Sellers
Robert & Lindsey Z.

A very confident Annika outlined a fantastic, competitive price-point & the plan we needed to follow to make our dream come true

In November of 2018, my wife and I decided to put our home on the market. With plans to retire after 23 years as a deputy sheriff, I felt the time had come. But, along with the plan came the concerns of listing a home I had known all my life. This wasn’t just any house, it was the home my father bought for my mother as a Christmas present in 1967. It was my childhood home. We were the first and only owners. While on vacation in July of 2018, and prior to my retirement, my wife and I had purchased another home. What at that time was just a dirt lot, was under construction and rapidly taking shape as our future home. The completion date was set for late March or early April of this year. Several months earlier my wife was at work at her store when she met Annika Godfrey for the first time. Annika introduced herself and gave my wife her card. My wife liked Annika’s energy and personality. Needless to say, she kept Annika’s card, and we are both glad she did. We signed on with Coldwell Banker’s Godfrey Group, Annika’s Team. A very confident Annika outlined a fantastic, competitive price-point and the plan we needed to follow to make our dream come true.
We followed her plan and lead to the “T”. Our house went on the market in mid-March, under a crushing timeline. Between the print coverage, multiple private showings and one weekend of open house showings, the house spent a mere three days on the market before we received a full-price offer which sealed the deal. Remember the earlier comment of a competitive price? Well, that price set a record for our model. Annika, her vision, her plan, and her highly motivated team of professionals made that record happen, and more importantly our dreams come true.If you’re lucky enough to have Annika and her team walk through your door, and you follow the plan, you will get what you asked for, both in an agent and in the sale of your home.

Laguna Hills Sellers
Anthony & Christina R.

Annika and her team, The Godfrey Group were off the charts from day one!!

Hi Annika,

Wow this was an amazing experience!  I have never met a more positive person in my life.  Annika and her team, The Godfrey Group were off the charts from day one. We followed the plan and the plan works!!  Thank you for everything you have done for us! We crushed it!!!

Love you guys!

Aliso Viejo Seller
Linda D.

$26,000 OVER our asking price!

In regards to the sale of our property, I want to thank Annika and her Team with The Godfrey Group for absolutely Crushing it! Annika laid out the plan from day 1, which we followed to the tee. Once the house hit the Market she brought in 9 offers the first week with 2 of them being cash buyers! Best of all, she was able to negotiate with prospective buyers for 26K over our asking price! The sale price was 40K over comps in the neighborhood! Escrow went super smooth and closed in less than 30 days. Because of the plan that Annika put together for us and the professionalism and positive attitude of her and her team; I have never had such a great experience and transaction selling a house. Annika and her team are by far the best team in the area, hands down and if you follow the plan YOU WIN!!!

Aliso Viejo Seller
Chris Derksen

Annika kept ALL of her promises from beginning to successful end.

I needed to sell my very special, custom, luxury home in San Clemente. I built this home from the ground up. I knew it needed fantastic marketing and the right agent to help us get the job done right. Before we met Annika, we hired not one, but two local specialists to sell our custom home. They both failed. They both made promises they didn’t keep, but not Annika. Annika kept all of her promises from beginning to successful end. Thank you Annika & The Godfrey Group for everything you did to help me and my lovely bride of 32 years. You helped us successfully sell our custom home and transition into an even more satisfying home in San Clemente. We are truly grateful for all you did to help guide us through everything including marketing, negotiating, negotiating repairs, and helping us win the home of our dreams even in a crazy market with a house contingency. You and your team are second to NONE!

San Clemente-Sellers & Buyers
Jim & Sue Pierce

Our home was sold one week after it went on the market!!

When you are ready to sell your home, call Annika Godfrey. Read the reviews on her website and BELIEVE them!! When Bruce and I decided to sell our Dana Point home, we did some research to find the right realtor for us. We had lived in our home for 18 years and were ready to downsize in our retirement. We identified four possible realtors who worked in our area. Our first appointment was with Annika. We never met with the other three.

Annika arrived fully prepared with a “Plan”. She gave us a notebook filled with her success stories. We saw how important following this Plan was to the price and timetable for the sale. We are both retired University employees and had careers that required some creativity and discipline. We were not used to following someone else's plan. However, something about Annika inspired us and rang true. We decided to give this Plan a try and to dive fully into the process.

We had painters, stagers, moved our furniture to storage in record time. Annika had formed the Godfrey Group and has wonderful people working with her as well as a network of people to help with the preparation for the sale. I was so impressed with their availability and responsiveness. This is a professional and full-service office. Any bumps along the way were promptly and capably smoothed out by her team.

Our home was sold in one week after it went on the market!! Not only was this sold in record time, but at a fabulous price!! We are thrilled! This Plan works. Take it from a couple of skeptics that it is worth following Annika's advice. She knows the market, understands Orange County real estate, and has extensive marketing capabilities.

At the end of our sale, I told her that my only regret was that I did not have another home for her to sell. Because we moved out of California, Annika referred us to another realtor in that vicinity and we were in another home in record time! Not only is Annika great at her job, but she has become a good friend. I am pleased to recommend her.

“This is Bruce Baker and I FULLY endorse this message!!!”

Dana Point Sellers
Ruthann & Bruce Baker

Working w/ Annika to sell our condo, while simultaneously buying a house was a great experience!!

Working with Annika to sell our condo while simultaneously buying a house was a great experience! Her enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, and confidence allowed us to put our trust in her during the entire process. She helped sell our home in record time in order for us to get the perfect house! We definitely recommend Annika if you are interested in buying the home of your dreams in Orange County!

Thank you for all your help, Annika!

Mission Viejo-Seller & Buyer
Adriana L.

Annika Godfrey was like Mary Poppins~she came into our lives & made the process practically perfect in every way!

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Selling your home and buying a new one, may be one of the most difficult, and stressful times in your life. Annika Godfrey was like Mary Poppins and came into our lives, making the process practically perfect in every way. Annika met us on a Monday, we staged our home on Tuesday, got a professional photographer to take photos on Wednesday, listed our condo on Thursday, got an offer on Friday, did an open house on Saturday, and we accepted an offer that following Monday. She guided us through the grueling journey of escrow, inspections, appraisals, and the countless documents we had to review and sign. She even always knew exactly what to say to keep us calm and focused on the big picture of getting our forever home. Annika Godfrey and her fantastic team did all these things using her 20 plus years of experience. Thank you to Annika and the whole team for our beautiful dream home.

Mission Viejo-Seller & Buyer
Minh Luong

You will not find a better realtor!

You will not find a better realtor! We listed with another realtor originally and didn't have results for months! Once we listed with Annika we got an offer on the first day at top dollar!! Closed in one month!! She works hard and smart!!! She also helped us with the home we were buying... The home we bought needed $20,000.00 worth of termite work!!! She got the sellers to pay for repairs!! Annika is amazing!!

Nellie Gail Ranch, Laguna Hills- Buyers & Sellers
Charles Ochoa

Multiple Offers @ Top Dollar! Annika is simply amazing!

What can I say...The BEST realtor...Hands down! If you want a professional who gets straight down to business, who cares for her clients, and will help you every step of the way...Annika is your realtor! Here is a little background history. Prior to Annika, I hired 2 realtors who could not sell my condo and told me to simply hang in there...The market is changing? Not sure what that meant but my condo was on the market for roughly 2 months with each realtor with minimal offers coming in. Needless to say, both realtors reduced the asking price resulting with NO sale. Then Annika steps in! Being the professional that she is, Annika increased the price of my condo and received offers several days after placing my condo on the market. Offers were coming in at top dollar! By the end of the first week, my condo was sold at asking price! We closed in 1 month...Annika is simply amazing! It doesn't end there, Annika is surrounded with staff who are second to none! If you need any guidance, her staff will help you in any way possible! My experience with Annika and The Godfrey Group was legendary!

Brian A.

Annika sets records!

I would not have trusted the sale of my home with any other agent.  I started working with Annika nearly 10 months before we decided to list. She told us what we needed to do to get our home ready to list and the right time of year to sell.  We trusted Annika with the listing price.  Not only did we get the price we wanted, she made history doing it.  We sold the home at the highest sale price for the community this year AND it was the highest sale price EVER for this model.  Annika sets records! She was also able to handle some difficult negotiations between the buyer's agent with the highest amount of professionalism you want in an agent.  She and her team are amazing!

Nancy T.

It sold the first day it was listed!

Annika is so knowledgeable and thoroughly explained what would help our home sell fast. It sold the first day it was listed! Annika was great! Our house sold $20,000 over the last comp!! If you are looking for a professional, Annika will be the perfect agent for you!


Ultimately she sold our home for $29k above the last comp

After meeting with one lower commission agent and hoping to pay lower fees on the sale of our condo, a close family friend recommended we meet with Annika. Right away she started talking about breaking records and listing much higher than the Redfin agent was willing to go. Ultimately she sold our home for $29,000 above the last comp (which was only 4 months prior and a model match). We opened escrow after just 10 days on the market and Annika's tram has taken care of all the details. Would definitely recommend!

Lindsey Zibell

30 Days Later, my house was sold @ FULL ASKING price!!

For nearly a year I was having a difficult time selling my home in Aliso Viejo with my agent at the time. Then I hired Annika because she promised she could sell it quickly.  Thirty days later, my house was sold, at FULL ASKING price. I was amazed. She's by far the best agent I've ever used, and I've bought/sold over 10 homes in the past 15 years. I will only use Annika from now on and recommend her for any area of Orange County.

Preston M.

If you don't use Annika you are REALLY missing out

If you don't use Annika you are really missing out.  When you work with Annika you aren't working with "an agent", rather you are working with a friend, an advocate and a professional. She guided us trough our selling process while allowing us to make decisions that were in our best interests.  She truly understands what YOUR needs are, works with you and for you to make buying or selling a home ENJOYABLE!!!  If you want to get the best real estate experience Annika will work day and night to make that happen.

Andrea S.

She got 8 offers in the first 4 days, all above our asking price, and escrow will close in a few days.

We interviewed several brokers to sell our home. Annika's sales records backed up all of her promotion. She had the most closed deals, in the shortest amount of time - way more than any of the other brokers we spoke with. She told us what we needed to do to sell quickly. She got 8 offers in the first 4 days, all above our asking price, and escrow will close in a few days. Less than a month from hitting the market, and more than $90,000 over the most recent sale of our model. She and her office communicated with us and the buyers agent to get it done. Love this woman and her team. You'd be crazy to use anyone else!


Penny & Steve Boeck

Annika said, "if you follow the plan, the plan WILL work."

After several failed attempts at selling my home in The Pavilion Park area of Irvine with no avail, I was more than just a little disappointed.  I was was pissed!  My first real estate agent lived down the street, so I figured she knew the area, we were friends, and she could get the job done.  Unfortunately, she listed & undersold her home to the buyer that seemed to want my home. She ruined my comps.  We came off the market & I was now known in the real estate world as an EXPIRED listing.  I know, because I used to be an agent for a short time back in the day. After what seemed like hundreds of calls from agents telling me how "great they are" and how "they could get it sold"......Annika Godfrey called.  She sounded different.  She seemed a little more concerned with my needs versus telling me how "great she is".  After what seemed like voodoo, I agreed to meet.  I actually interviewed several agents.  She was at the top of the list.   After a lot of interviews, and just being really tired, I just decided to take a mini break, and then list it myself FOR SALE BY OWNER.  After that being a complete nightmare, I called Annika back.  She had followed up with me a few times since our meeting and even sent a Christmas card.  I decided she was the one.  We signed and we were off and running.  Annika said, "if you follow the plan, the plan WILL work."  Well, I decided to follow it to a tee, EXCEPT, I didn't feel comfortable staging.  After 6 months, we were about to expire.  I really didn't want to find another agent and go through this whole thing again.  The truth is, I trusted Annika.  She earned my trust.  She did everything she said she would do, she communicated, she advertised, she did open houses, she thought outside of the at 6 months, I decided to follow her plan.  After only 2 weeks of being on the market with "her plan" we had two great offers.  We opened escrow.  Chinese money is hard to get here into the US, so Annika had an out of the box idea, that REALLY protected me financially.  I am happy to say, that without Annika and her team we would still be sitting on the market, or worse, we would be interviewing a bunch of people saying the same old thing and producing no results.  Annika produces results.  Don't wait to follow her plan.  Her plan works, if you work it!

Tony T.

Tony T

"We received an all-cash offer that was $25,000 more than the asking price, and nearly $100,000 more than comps in the neighborhood. "

Annika was absolutely fantastic - I have recommended her to multiple friends in the area.

She just helped us sell our home in Aliso Viejo, and we received an all-cash offer that was $25,000 more than the asking price, and nearly $100,000 more than comps in the neighborhood. Within 24 hours of the home hitting the market on Thursday we had 2 offers. By the end of the weekend, we had over 10 offers. Annika, and her entire team, were true professionals and a pleasure to deal with. They kept us in the loop with updates, guided us through negotiations, and made sure the process kept moving for a successful and timely close. When we first spoke with her, she was clear and upfront about the things we needed to do in order to sell the home. Paint the walls, do or don't fix this and that, and stage the home. She said "trust me - let me do my job". I'm glad that we really paid off!!

No doubt we'll be asking for her help the next time we buy or sell a home.

Andrew G.

Annika got me an extra $30K!! I want to thank you & your team for a wonderful experience!

Dear Annika,

I want to tell you how awesome you and your team are. After interviewing many realtors, I can't express how comfortable and confident you made me feel about the process of selling my house. I was impressed with the fact you had done your homework prior to our first meeting and had a tailored plan in hand. I am so, so glad I listened to you. You knocked it out of the park. I can't believe how much work you personally put into staging and ultimately selling my house. More astonishing is that you sold to in one day $11,000 above your asking price. (If you remember I wanted to list $20,000 lower).  So in reality, because of you, I earned an extra $30,000!!! So I want to thank you and your team, who  helped keep me up to speed with all the details, for a wonderful experience.

Please feel free to use me as a future reference.


Thomas Urso- April 16, 2016



"We were able to get multiple offers the first weekend & sold the house for OVER asking price!!!"

12771507_733861590084124_3899414569975089227_oAfter interviewing real estate agents we knew Annika was the right agent for us. She has the knowledge and experience we were looking for.  She guided us through our house ready to be placed on the market, and because of  that guidance we were able to get multiple offers the first weekend and sold the house for over asking price!!! We will be recommending Annika to all our friends and family, and will always use her for future transactions. She Rocks!!!

Patti Lindsey

We couldn't have been happier & strongly recommend Annika if you want a quick, easy & productive sale!

We were first time home-buyers, and found ourselves needing to sell our home only 1.5 yrs after we bought it due to a new (dream) job out-of-state. Therefore we couldn't spend much money, and needed to sell quickly. We carefully researched agents, considered FSBO or renting, and then came across Annika because of her incredible results in the neighborhood. It was the best decision we made - Annika was fantastic! She listened carefully to our concerns (we have a toddler), came up with a great plan, and sold our home in a few days with multiple offers over our asking price (which set a recent record for the neighborhood). We couldn't have been happier. Annika knows the area as well as anybody and made the process easy. We strongly recommend Annika if you want a quick, easy, and productive sale!

Tom O.

Annika & Team are amazing- They set records all over Orange County!

I would not have trusted the sale of my home with any other agent. I started working with Annika nearly 10 months before we decided to list. She told us what we needed to do to get our home ready to list and the right time of year to sell. We trusted Annika with the listing price. Not only did we get the price we wanted, she made history doing it. We sold the home at the highest sale price for the community this year AND it was the highest sale price EVER for this model.  She was also able to handle some difficult negotiations with the buyers agent with the highest amount of professionalism you want with an agent. Annika & Team are amazing- They set records all over Orange County!

Nancy T.

"We received 4 offers in 24 hours!!!"

We just sold our home with Annika and her amazing team. We've been waiting for years to sell our property because of the high price we paid in 2005. Homes have been priced so low in our community and we never thought they'd come up! After following Annika over the past year and seeing the amazing sales, I knew we had to use her. She guided us through the entire process and assured us she could not only sell our home for what's its worth, she also knew it would help the community to bring back the value to all the homes.

After putting our home on the market, we received 4 offers in 24 hours!!! By the 4th day we had 9!!! 9 offers!! After accepting an ABOVE ASKING PRICE offer, we went into a smooth escrow. To say we are thrilled doesn't even cut it. We are so impressed by Annika and her team. Looking forward to working with them again.

Annika sold our home for $100K MORE than the agent we fired wanted to list the house for- that was extremely impressive!

We needed to sell our house. The usual – job change, a move to a new location. We hired an experienced, local, reputable agent with whom we have been acquainted for many years. He did not make us feel very optimistic about the price we wanted as a minimum. His price, based on his many years experience, and his familiarity with the neighborhood, seemed low to us. We did some research. Our bank's computer generated appraisal (not a real appraisal) was more than our minimum. I researched nearby sales, and they were more than his price. We fired him. We learned of Annika as we prepared our house for sale. She came right over the same day I called her. She had a bunch of information to show us. She had dozens of “comps”, she had information broken down by neighborhood and she knew what we should list our house for. She also suggested the house be staged. We staged, and we listed at her suggested price. Then we were gone to our new home. We did not get to see Annika work. We communicated. She told us she had showings, open houses etc. In about three weeks she had an offer. We countered, and the house was sold. Annika sold our home for $100K MORE than the agent we fired wanted to list the house for- that was extremely impressive!. She said she could do it. I believed her, and she did it. She says she is good, and she is. Go Annika!!

Bill S.

217 Rochester St., Costa Mesa

Annika has helped me and my family buy and sell several homes over the years. The last home we sold was quite an
experience. I asked Annika if she could sell my home and find us our dream home all in 90 days. She said , “Of course!” We
were expecting our third baby and I was due at the end of that 90 days, so we were cutting it close. Annika not only
sold our home in less than a week, but found us our dream home and knew it was “the one” before
we did. She negotiated a higher price for the sale of our home and negotiated a lower price on our purchase. She not only
came through, but she exceeded our expectations. She always answered her phone, even when I called late. I
felt totally taken care of when I really needed it the most! I highly recommend Annika as THE ONLY realtor of choice in all
of Orange County! - Megan Stirrat

Bernice Garland & Darrell Hograve

I am writing this letter of recommendation in appreciation to our Realtor Annika Godfrey who
exceeded our expectations of a job well done! Annika regaled us with her charm and pensive
negotiation skills.
Through a mutual colleague we were fortunate to procure a fantastic realtor named “Annika Godfrey”
who is by far the Best Realtor we have ever encountered. Through her endeavors and fortitude
she single handily restored our confidence and faith in the hopes of selling our home quickly. Annika
deduced our situation by drawing the most logical conclusion to our dilemma, and furthermore gained
our approbation by the end of our first consultation.
Prior to Annika we recently had our home listed with another Realtor who had our life’s investment
teetering on disaster. His lack of experience and marketing skills left us feeling helpless in a volatile
Through Annika’s professional team and staff we were able to professionally market our home at its full
potential, within a week we had a plethora of showings and by months end we were in escrow!
Not only have we found a great Realtor, but we’ve gained a lifelong friend!

Lynda Ochoa

Dear Annika,
Just writing to let you know how much we appreciated your handling of our real estate transactions! You made
the experience fast and successful! You implemented fantastic advertising for our home with top-notch
photography. We went on the market and sold on the same day! This is so impressive because we worked with
another realtor, who was actually our friend. For over two months with no sale! Your advice on simplifying furnishings in
our home made a difference! I still can’t believe you sold our home for $30,000 over the last sale, setting
the new high watermark in the neighborhood since the recession. Our prior agent just wanted to lower the
price. Our neighbors better be thanking you.
You also took on the purchase of our new home in Nellie Gail and you were able to get the
seller to pay for $20,000.00 worth of necessary termite repair! Also, thank you for all the fantastic
referrals! We love Art our plumber, and Solo our new pest control. You only surround yourself with the best people!
Your superior experience paid off with a smooth close of escrow in thirty days and now we are in our beautiful
dream home! We so appreciate your positive attitude and constant encouragement! We would recommend you
to anyone that needs a realtor… you are the best! Also, as you would say, ”thank you my friend”. That made
me feel special and I knew you had our backs… now here’s to you, Thank you, my friend!
With much appreciation!
Lynda Ochoa
Seller of 25222 Derby, Laguna Hills1

Trevor Buracchio

1008-WTrinity-OrangeDear Future Clients,
I met Annika many years ago as one of her first clients. I have now used Annika for my fourth transaction and will continue
to use her any chance I get.
Anyone who has worked with Annika knows she is an incredibly sharp real estate professional, but what I quickly learned was this was only one of the many roles she would play in my life. Counselor, friend, educator and advocate would be a few more of the titles I’d give to this wonder woman.
After experiencing the level of care Annika put into everything related to buying and selling two homes, over the past ten years, I firmly believe I found much more than just a real estate agent. When I’ve had questions, she’s had answers. When I’ve needed reassurance, she’s instilled a sense of confidence.
Annika has truly been a partner in achieving my real estate goals and I couldn’t be more grateful. Over the years of working with her I’ve had the pleasure of watching her career take flight. And while that certainly hasn’t surprised me, her ability to remain as grounded and individually focused on each client, despite her success, has only reaffirmed my faith in her as my agent.
The home buying and selling process can be stressful to say the least and that is where having an agent like Annika makesall the difference. I can’t more highly recommend Annika Godfrey.
Thank you again,
Seller of 1008 W. Trinity, Orange

P. Minor

To whom it may concern:
Annika Godfrey did a phenomenal job at selling my property. We started with a different agent who had the property listed
for almost a year, but couldn’t get the house sold. It seemed this house was jinxed – until Annika came
Annika came in with a very specific plan and got the job done within two months, during the
holidays! She was very professional, knew the market well and was relentless with her follow up with all potential
buyers. She knew how to stage the house and get it set up perfectly so agents and buyers alike could envision the house
as a home – their home.
Her pool of resources from her many years of experience and the Coldwell Banker name gives
her a distinct advantage over most other agents in the area.
I highly recommend Annika to anyone looking to sell a home anywhere in Orange County. She’s earned a client for life! By
the way, when we closed escrow, she said, “you know I totally oversold that house, right?” We both had a chuckle and I
said, “yup!”
Seller of 118 Cottage Ln., Aliso Viejo118 cottage

Daniel & Carmen Jones

It is with greatest pleasure that I write this letter in which I hope to express our warmest appreciation for your professional services on our behalf in the recent sale of our home. In October of 2013, we decided to sell our residence in Laguna Niguel and secured the real-estate services of a real-estate agent who we had successfully worked with on several purchases and sales in the past. We had not yet met Annika Godfrey, but because of the excellent marketing strategies of our realtor, Ms. Godfrey brought in a potential buyer to view the property within the first couple of days on the market. Ms. Godfrey brought in the buyer and we were thrilled with the offer they presented.
During that short escrow period (30 days), although there were several unexpected complexities that threatened to de-rail our closing, they were handled quickly, precisely and professionally so that we indeed closed on time without incident. In fact, we became so impressed at how quickly and efficiently Annika worked with our realtor in resolving these issues, that a few months later when we decided to list another property, we wanted to give her the opportunity to “work her magic” once again.
This property was tenant occupied for about 10 years and the tenant was certainly not motivated to cooperate with us. That was the initial problem where we needed some of “Annika’s Magic” and she did not disappoint. Annika visited our tenant several times with listings of alternative homes in the area that she had secured on his behalf. In short, Annika was kind but professionally persistent in helping our tenant understand that a change of address would be imminent and within a few months, our tenant vacated the property amicably and left the home in very reasonable condition. She then helped us to secure the professional services of those companies specializing in the cleaning, painting and general repair of homes to go onto the market and for very reasonable fees we were ready for the next phase. We needed to sell this house at the top of the market and in fact, we were hoping to sell high enough that we would be able to recuperate some of our losses that we had since we purchased that home years before just prior to the real-estate price declines we all know about.
Annika suggested that we should consider staging the house with a very remarkable staging company she had worked with successfully many times in the past. Additionally, she suggested we pre-screen the home with a termite report to alleviate any surprises. She also suggested that we have an appraiser measure the living space, because several different sources were giving us different information. That was the best $100.00 we ever spent. We found out our home was 200 square feet larger than we thought. We agreed to follow her lead. We followed her recommendations and we are convinced that because we did that, we sold this home in less than 30 days. The price we received exceeded price per square footage estimates of the area. We believe this was due in large part because of its presentation, that we quickly received offers and closed on time without issues.
We have worked with well over 20 realtors in the past in as many years but Annika is certainly among the very best of the best! She indeed has a “magic touch” when it comes to real-estate, but in reality, the magic is not really magic at all. Annika’s magic is that she is not only able to solve immediate issues, but she has that rare gift to be able to foresee potential issues and plan ahead for the contingencies that may arise, whether they do or not, rather than waiting around for things to happen. We were very pleased with every aspect of her work with us and we hope this letter makes a difference to anyone who reads it in selecting Annika Godfrey for any real-estate purchase or sale.

Sellers of 24405 Estrella, Laguna Niguel

Bret & Linda Wier

25012 woolwichDear Annika,
I wanted to thank you so much for all the things you did to make our selling experience with you great. Some of the things you did that other realtors haven’t done for us in the past and present are what set you apart from the other realtors in the area and in other states.
Just to name a few of the advantages I think you have are the following:
• You know the neighborhood because you grew up on the street for the past 38 years.
• Your mom still lives on the street.
• You always called us back or made yourself available 24/7.
• You always had answers for our questions.
• You protected our interests from the day we signed the listing agreement to even the move after close.
• Catching other agent’s mistakes.
• Your ability to problem solve.
• Your ability to negotiate.
• Your understanding and knowledge of contracts and real estate law.
• Convincing us to do the staging and photos which made the house look and feel wonderful.
• Saving us costs in negotiation regarding repairs, termite, finding a contractor, electrician etc.
• Managing everything since we were out of state.
We have purchased and sold several properties in the last ten years and by far you were the best agent we have had.
We wish you worked in New Mexico and Texas.
Thanks again and we wish you the best in your real estate career!

Sellers of 25012 Woolwich Street, Laguna Hills

Art Womack D.D. S. & Robin Post

Mendocino 2It is with great pleasure that I get to share my own experience with anyone that would like to hear it, regarding my recent real estate transaction with Annika Godfrey as my agent. In the year 2000, I purchased my home at 24702 Mendocino in Laguna Hills through the help of a real estate agent. So when I decided to sell the house in 2014, I decided to give that same agent a call so she could come list and sell the house. During the three or four months of list period we had maybe two showings. Feeling frustrated, my wife and I decided to interview agents for the position of getting this home sold. We as any seller, wanted the most for our house, because we put so much into it. We also wanted the most because let’s face it, what seller doesn’t want the most?
Annika Godfrey among many other agents had sent me their information after we came off the market in December. We called several agents, if not all of them. We set up appointments, one by one to see with whom we should trust to get this done. Everyone was a little more than disappointing. They all told me I would be lucky to get even $800,000 because we live in a $750,000 neighborhood. Then in comes Annika. Wow!!!!! What a presentation! She was different. She asked me my plans, asked what our goals were, when we wanted to arrive at our destination, everything. She knew my house was special, but also knew it was going to be a challenge. She quickly told me after all was said and done, that she couldn’t take the listing at the price I wanted which was $1,000,000. She knew, and I knew, she was my best option. But she wouldn’t take my listing!!!! What kind of real estate agent won’t take a listing? I probably called her once or twice a week for about two months asking if she was ready to take me on. In February, I called again and she finally said yes, with a few conditions. I quickly told her I would follow her lead. Whatever she wanted from me I was willing to do. We signed the listing agreement and we were off and running.
We spent a very minimal amount on prepping the house the way Annika suggested. She had everything available to us. She has the best contractors, stagers, cleaners, photographers etc. With Annika’s help, we were not only able to get full price for our home which was $200,000 over what the previous sales in the neighborhood would support, but we closed the home in 30 days after only being on the market for twelve days. She set the new high watermark in the neighborhood and record sale. We are convinced that not only is Annika a rock star realtor, but that we have made a trusted friend for life. She walked us through the entire process with strength, certainty, and class. She managed everything during the escrow process, from negotiating repairs to managing and hiring the tradesmen. We had already moved to Florida, so we really needed that help. We highly recommend Annika Godfrey as THE choice Realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate anywhere in Orange County. She really has the magic touch. I am a tough guy to please, so when I say this…… Just trust her and follow her lead!!!! We are glad we did.

Seller of 24702 Mendocino, Laguna Hills

Beth Battaglia

Annika exceeded our expectations and made what would normally be a stressful process, an enjoyable one. She kept in constant communication with us and was extremely professional, while at the same time she treated us like family. Our house went on the market on December 2nd and by December 30th, we had a signed offer. We would recommend Annika to anyone that is looking for a realtor with exceptional knowledge and skills!

Seller of 28 Seedling, Irvine28 Seedling


Michele Isaly

211 35th stAnnika,
Thank you so very much to you and your “kick-ass” team at Coldwell Banker. You are the DEAL and we are so grateful to have worked with you in the sale of our rental property in Newport Beach. We also appreciate your special thought of us with the kind note and flowers when our dog passed. That was truly above and beyond our expectations.
With that said, we cant wait for you to help us negotiate that nice, big house in the future.
You Rock!
Michele Isaly
Seller of 211 35th St., Newport Beach

Peggy Verkest


To whom it may concern,

Annika Godfrey is an outstanding real estate agent. She is extremely competent, compassionate, and professional. 

In December of 2011, Annika helped to sell my home at 31122 Oakmont.  Since I was coming out of a difficult divorce, it was a rough time for me. Luckily, Annika helped everything run smoothly and timely. The market was still “down”, but Annika was able to sell the property in a little over a month, during the holidays, for close to the asking price.

Annika has since assisted me in renting and eventually purchasing another residence at 47 Niguel Pointe. Again, everything went smoothly without any delays or complications. Annika is my trusted realtor. She also recently sold my home on 10 Beacon in Aliso Viejo build by Shea in 2013, and sold it for what still stands as the highest record price in the Vantis neighborhood, even over the “neighborhood specialist”.

Throughout each transaction, Annika has been a calm and supportive agent who obviously knows her area of expertise quite well. I can honestly say that I’ve always felt that Annika placed my needs first and foremost, above her own or anyone else’s.

I would highly recommend Annika Godfrey as a real estate agent for anyone in need of buying or selling a home.

Peggy Verkest

Seller of 10 Beacon, Aliso Viejo

Seller of 3112 Oakmont Place, Laguna Niguel

Buyer of 47 Niguel Point, Laguna Niguel

Trung Thai

Dear Annika,

We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us sell our home in Aliso Viejo. Your knowledge of the housing market for the Aliso Viejo area and general know of the overal housing market conditions helped us get the highest price for our model in 5 years.  Your attention and patience through the entire process from listing to inspection to appraisal to closing was so valuable and greatly appreciated.  I would highly recommend you as the first and premier realtor of choice any buyer or seller.

Best Regards,41 solitaire

-Trung Thai
Seller of 41 Solitaire, Aliso Viejo