Annika Godfrey Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358



It is with greatest pleasure that I write this letter in which I hope to express our warmest appreciation for your professional services on our behalf in the recent sale of our home.

In October of 2013, we decided to sell our residence in Laguna Niguel and secured the real-estate services of a real-estate agent who we had successfully worked with on several purchases and sales in the past. We had not yet met Annika Godfrey, buy because of the excellent marketing strategies of our realtor Ms. Godfrey brought in a potential buyer to view the property within the first couple of days on the market.  Ms. Godfrey brought in the buyer and we were thrilled with the offer they presented.

During that short escrow period (30 days), although there were several unexpected complexities that threatened to de-rail our closing , they were handled quickly, precisely and professionally so that we indeed closed on time without incident.  In fact, we became so impressed at how quickly and efficiently Annika worked with our realtor in resolving these issues, that a few months later when we decided to list another property, we wanted to give her the opportunity to “work her magic” once again.

This property was tenant occupied for about 10 years and the tenant was certainly not motivated to cooperate with us.  That was the initial problem where we needed som of “Annika’s Magic” and she did not disappoint.  Annika visited our tenant several times with listings of alternative homes in the area that she had secured on his behalf.  In short, Annika was kind but professionally persistent in helping our tenant understand that a change of address would be imminent and within a few months, our tenant vacated the property amicably and left the home in very reasonable condition.

She then helped us to secure the professional services of those companies specializing in the cleaning, painting and general repair of homes to go onto the market and for very reasonable fees we were ready for the next phase.  We needed to sell this house at the top of the market and in fact, we were hoping to sell high enough that we would be able to recuperate some of our losses that we had since we purchased that home years before just prior to the real-estate price declines we all know about. Annika suggested that we should consider staging the house with a very  remarkable staging company she had worked with successfully many times in the past. Additionally, she suggested we pre-screen the home with a termite report to alleviate any surprises. She also suggested that we have an appraiser measure the living space, because several different sources were giving us different information.  That was the best $100.00 we ever spent.  We found out our home was 200 square feet larger than we thought. We agreed to follow her lead. We followed her recommendations and we are convinced that because we did that, we sold this home in less that 30 days. the price we received exceeded price per square footage estimates of the area.  We believe this was due in large part because of its presentation, that we quickly received offers and closed on time without issues.

We have worked with well over 20 realtors in the past in as many years but Annika is certainly among the very best of the best!

She indeed has a”magic touch” when it comes to real-estate, but in reality, the magic is not really magic at all.  Annika’s magic is that she is not only able to solve immediate issues, but she has that rare gift to be able to foresee potential issues and plan ahead for the contingencies that may arise, whether the do or not, rather than waiting around for things to happen.

We were very please with every aspect of her workk with us and we hope this letter makes a difference to anyone who reads it in selecting Annika Godfrey for any real-estate purchase or sale.

With much appreciation,

Daniel and Carmen Jones