Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

It is with great pleasure that I get to share my own experience with anyone that would like to hear it, regarding my recent real estate transaction with Annika Godfrey as my agent. In the year 2000, I purchased my home at 24702 Mendocino in Laguna Hills through the help of a real estate agent. So when I decided to sell the house in 2014, I decided to give that same agent a call so she could come list and sell the house. During the three or four months of list period we had maybe two showings. Feeling frustrated, my wife and I decided to interview agents for the position of getting this home sold. We as any seller, wanted the most for our house, because we put so much into it. We also wanted the most because let’s face it, what seller doesn’t want the most?

Annika Godfrey among many other agents had sent me their information after we came off the market in December. We called several agents, if not all of them. We set up appointments, one by one to see with whom we should trust to get this done. Everyone was a little more than disappointing. They all told me I would be lucky to get even $800,000 because we live in a $750,000 neighborhood. Then in comes Annika. Wow!!!!! What a presentation! She was different. She asked me my plans, asked what our goals were, when we wanted to arrive at our destination, everything. She knew my house was special, but also knew it was going to be a challenge. She quickly told me after all was said and done, that she couldn’t take the listing at the price I wanted which was $1,000,000. She knew, and I knew, she was my best option. But she wouldn’t take my listing!!!! What kind of real estate agent won’t take a listing? I probably called her once or twice a week for about two months asking if she was ready to take me on. In February, I called again and she finally said yes, with a few conditions. I quickly told her I would follow her lead. Whatever she wanted from me I was willing to do. We signed the listing agreement and we were off and running

We spent a very minimal amount on prepping the house the way Annika suggested. She had everything available
to us. She has the best contractors, stagers, cleaners, photographers etc. With Annika’s help, we were not only able to get full price for our home which was $200,000 over what the previous sales in the neighborhood would support, but we closed the home in 30 days after only being on the market for twelve days. She set the new high watermark in the neighborhood and record sale. We are convinced that not only is Annika a rock star realtor, but that we have made a trusted friend for life. She walked us through the entire process with strength, certainty, and class. She managed everything during the escrow process, from negotiating repairs to managing and hiring the tradesmen. We had already moved to Florida, so we really needed that help.

We highly recommend Annika Godfrey as THE choice Realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate anywhere in Orange County. She really has the magic touch. I am a tough guy to please, so when I say this… Just trust her and follow her lead!!!! We are glad we did.

Art Womack D.D.S. & Robin Post