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Dear Prospective Home Sellers/Buyers and Pacific Ridge Neighbors,
It is my pleasure to recommend Annika Godfrey as a real estate agent/team for any individual or family wanting to sell their home and/or searching for their ideal home. I was perfectly happy with my current home but had tossed around the idea with a friend of mine to possibly put my home on 8 Meridian in Newport Coast on the market and downsize. When I finally made my mind up, I decided I needed to act quickly as the end of summer was soon approaching. A very dear friend of mine recommended Annika Godfrey who helped him and his wife find their home and set up the initial meeting. I knew from the very moment we all sat down and Annika Godfrey started speaking about their company and what they would do to sell my home that this was the company and agent I was going to use and that they’d have no problems selling my house at the right price and quick. I could not have been more right! Initially everything seemed impossible and a little stressful as I needed to move out of my home to sell it because of my four dogs but I followed all of their recommendations including their suggested selling price as they’re the experts and this is what they do for a living and I’m so glad I did as I got everything I wanted and more! Within 48 hours of the house officially being on the market we had a contract! I was completely amazed. Since we felt pretty confident about the offer, Annika also assisted me in the purchase of my new house. When we first met, I explained to her that I had family coming for Christmas and wasn’t sure what I was going to do since Christmas was only 4.5 months away. Annika told me she was confident that she could have my house sold and me in a new one by Christmas. I was shocked and thought she could probably sell my house but I wasn’t sure about being able to find a new one that quick. I was wrong! I was able to find the house I wanted the first trip out; actually the first house I looked at.

As it turned out, the first contract on the sale of my house fell through which made me nervous because I was now in contract on a new home however, as soon as Annika found out the first buyer wasn’t able to receive funding needed she immediately scheduled an open house the following day and ended up with 2 more offers one $25,000 higher than the initial contract which was already $25,000 above asking price! So in other words, she sold my home for $51,000 more than list price. Needless to say I was amazed and relieved all at the same time because I already had my heart set on this other house but had come to accept if it didn’t work out.

Thankfully Annika is well known in the industry and has a very good reputation. The realtor for the new house said if it were any other realtor other than Annika she would have requested we pull our offer. Thankfully that never happened as Annika Godfrey went above and beyond to make sure my house sold in the initial first 30 days on the market. Everything they did behind the scene was so apparent that even the sellers for my new home commented on what an awesome realtor I had and said “she’s amazing and you know, she’s one in a million to make this whole transaction happen the way it did”. They are so right! I highly recommend Annika Godfrey to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. She is hands down the best in the business I will recommend her to everyone I know. I don’t have any plans on ever moving again but if I do, I will without a doubt use Annika Godfrey.
Regards, Kelly McAlpine