Godfrey Group Homes
Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

Getting offers accepted isn’t easy right now~ Annika wrote ONE offer & Beat out 20+ other offers to get our DREAM home

“Homes in Southern California are expensive, so as first-time home sellers, thinking about commissions being paid out in the high five digits had me regretting the experience before it even started. It had me seriously considering the discounters that you hear on AM sports talk radio. But then we interviewed some agents and we realized how complicated selling and buying were and that the commissions are really simply protection, by choosing a quality agent, against all of the things that can go wrong. The commissions are also an investment for getting the best price and more importantly the best terms with no problems for selling your home. So, we went with Annika and her team to help us buy and sell. And we will never regret it. Writing and getting offers accepted is not easy right now. We wrote one offer and beat out 20+ other offers to get our ideal home. That is amazing. Since we bought our dream home before selling our current home it was essential to get our home sold and get our funds fast so that we weren’t doubling our mortgage payment and paying double on our utilities and insurance. Annika and her team got us offers for $50k over our listing price and netted us much more than we thought and more importantly we got our funds in less than 21 days. Yes, the market right now is super-hot; however, when you think of all the moving parts in buying and selling the number of things that could go sideways are high. Both transactions were seamless. Her help did not stop after escrow closed on our last transaction-During the hottest damn day in California history our AC went out in our new home. Home Warranty was not helpful on Labor Day weekend. Annika was helpful by calling her guy and getting someone over ahead of many other hot customers that were in line before us :)”

John W.~ Mission Viejo/Laguna Hills