Godfrey Group Homes
Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

Annika said, “if you follow the plan, the plan WILL work.”

After several failed attempts at selling my home in The Pavilion Park area of Irvine with no avail, I was more than just a little disappointed.  I was was pissed!  My first real estate agent lived down the street, so I figured she knew the area, we were friends, and she could get the job done.  Unfortunately, she listed & undersold her home to the buyer that seemed to want my home. She ruined my comps.  We came off the market & I was now known in the real estate world as an EXPIRED listing.  I know, because I used to be an agent for a short time back in the day. After what seemed like hundreds of calls from agents telling me how “great they are” and how “they could get it sold”……Annika Godfrey called.  She sounded different.  She seemed a little more concerned with my needs versus telling me how “great she is”.  After what seemed like voodoo, I agreed to meet.  I actually interviewed several agents.  She was at the top of the list.   After a lot of interviews, and just being really tired, I just decided to take a mini break, and then list it myself FOR SALE BY OWNER.  After that being a complete nightmare, I called Annika back.  She had followed up with me a few times since our meeting and even sent a Christmas card.  I decided she was the one.  We signed and we were off and running.  Annika said, “if you follow the plan, the plan WILL work.”  Well, I decided to follow it to a tee, EXCEPT, I didn’t feel comfortable staging.  After 6 months, we were about to expire.  I really didn’t want to find another agent and go through this whole thing again.  The truth is, I trusted Annika.  She earned my trust.  She did everything she said she would do, she communicated, she advertised, she did open houses, she thought outside of the box…..so at 6 months, I decided to follow her plan.  After only 2 weeks of being on the market with “her plan” we had two great offers.  We opened escrow.  Chinese money is hard to get here into the US, so Annika had an out of the box idea, that REALLY protected me financially.  I am happy to say, that without Annika and her team we would still be sitting on the market, or worse, we would be interviewing a bunch of people saying the same old thing and producing no results.  Annika produces results.  Don’t wait to follow her plan.  Her plan works, if you work it!

Tony T.