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Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

In came “Annika the COVID BUSTER”! Hands down the BEST realtor in ORANGE COUNTY!!

Annika is truly your GAME CHANGER Real Estate Agent and a GODSEND in every sense!!! She can literally C-R-U-S-H (her favorite word :)) any sale… hands down the BEST realtor in ORANGE COUNTY!!She spends a lot of timer walking through a detailed/comprehensive plan even before making it an official listing agreement. She knows every detail to the micro and there is something unique about her strategy that just seems to work! like to call it the Annika magic/WOW factor! After week 1 of listing, we went into COVID lockdown! And in came “Annika the COVID BUSTER”! She came up with a modified plan be it marketing materials/digital marketing/virtual tours/follow up with agents. She was ahead of the game… tweaking strategies and I love Annika’s theory of NAVIGATING through challenges 🙂 She is a one-of-a-kind and probably one of the best crisis manager I have ever met! Extremely proactive…she thinks before she promises and never over commits and once she commits she delivers!! Without a doubt in my mind, this sale would’ve never happened the way it did during COVID especially at the price it sold for, if not for Annika! It would only be fair to mention that Annika is supported by an amazing team as well. Kristina and Logan work very closely with Annika and make sure they deliver everything that was promised to the client. When in doubt they never take chances and make sure to always check in with Annika and get back to the client. A special mention to Annika’s escrow point of contact – Terri Cordero – such a fantastic lady to work with. Always on top of the subject and makes sure to get back to our questions. Jeff from the termite company and Art who helped us with the painting job – added all the essential elements especially at the right cost. Annika can get this done in COVID, one can imagine what she can do during non-covid times 🙂 Her track record is impeccable and am so glad she was our selling agent during such tough times!!! Call her, speak to her and when you meet her in person you will receive the most positive vibes and you will be glad you decided to engage her with your real estate projects. She is a breath of fresh air … every time you speak to her!!

Hema & Madhu S.

Laguna Hills