Godfrey Group Homes
Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

Not only did Annika go above & beyond, but my property sold & closed within 15 days @ full price from the time I hired Annika

I worked in the termite industry for 32 years with hundreds of realtors which made it very difficult to pick one, so I decided to go with a realtor that helped me get into my home. Unfortunately, it was a huge mistake. My property sat still for 3 months and costed me a great of money. I gave Annika a call, not only did she go above and beyond, but my property was sold and closed within 15 days from the time I hired her at full price. She did not try to give me the salesman type of talk nor did she promise me anything other than she would work hard for me. The results were amazing! She is the only realtor that I would hire for the rest of my properties. I’m going to list my home with her in January. She is an incredible realtor and I thank God she came along when she did. Thank you very much Annika, you are AMAZING!!

Mission Viejo Seller
Randy Dannettelle