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Annika Godfrey Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

Record Breaking Price!!

Annika, We Forgot to Tell you…YOU ARE THE F… BOMB!!! We Love you & THANK YOU so much for all your help & support for helping us selling the condo. Also thank you for being so patient w/ us. Don’t Trust the Sale of Your Home to Anyone but Annika & The Godfrey Group. In Godfrey Group We Tru$t. It’s not just the market! Annika knows how to set up her $ellers to WIN!! Highest Sale Ever recorded, Sold in Just 6 Days, Smoothest Escrow Processes Ever! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
-Pablo & Annette A.~ Costa Mesa

Notes from the Agent~

I wish I could convey how much I love these two and how much we crushed it again. These are past clients of mine (we always become friends in the long run). Pablo has this amazing Spanish accent that is so incredibly beautiful. I have so much fun imitating it….I tend to do that with my peeps that have accents. We have so much fun with it! This was a well deserved smooth beautiful escrow. Thank you God!!!! It’s always helpful with a great team in place (including the clients). We sold this condo for 30k over the last recent sale (which is tough in a gated community and a condo). They’re over the moon and so is the buyer. They made such a beautiful profit in such a short time of owning it and are now closer to me. Yayyyyyyyy! Congratulations friends!! I love when my clients keep coming back. Loyalty and trust! We crushed this and set the highest price in their tract everrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
-Annika Godfrey