Godfrey Group Homes
Annika Godfrey | Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

We Closed for $1,750,000 in 10 days- all cash

“Annika and her team absolutely helped me get the best possible outcome in the sale of my house.

She could see all of the positives and knew exactly what I needed to do to make sure that my house would sell quickly, and I would get the best price, but she also understood that it was important to me that the buyer would be a good match for the quiet little neighborhood I was leaving.

I just needed to listen to her wise advice, do what she suggested, watch her work her magic, and enjoy the happy ending!”

Kay S.- Dana Point


“And now for the house story… ❤️ when I met with the seller of this beautiful home, she mentioned she was really hoping to get $1.350-1.4.

She said in her dreams $1.5 🎉🎉🎉 I talked her out of putting on a new roof. She was going to spend $50k on a new roof that has no leaks. And it was going to be done in April.

I advised against that. She followed my lead and I said once we’re ready to put the house live on the market we will discuss list price. I did my usual deep dive on price and knew $1.5 was too low.

She reluctantly agreed to my list price of $1.6 and we closed for $1.750 in 10 days all cash. Wooo Hoooo!!!!”

Annika Godfrey-