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Annika Godfrey Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

The Godfrey Group is simply the BEST!

Annika Godfrey and her team are the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Being separated for 5 years, Covid brought my wife and I back together and we needed to sell 2 properties and find our “forever home”. We told Annika EXACTLY the type of house we were looking for- single-level, 1600-1800sf, open floor plan, bright inside, with a yard, driveway, and I didn’t think it was affordable for us but I wanted a little privacy…AND it had to be “off-market” because we could not afford to get into a bidding war with anyone else as is often the case these days.

Not only did Annika find us a house that checked every box on our wish list, but she also found us the PERFECT house in an even better neighborhood than we ever imagined! Then she put this whole plan into motion- staging and selling our condos for significantly more money than we thought possible, working out rent-backs so the timing of all the moving would be in sync and no one would be ‘homeless’ for any period of time, and basically orchestrating every aspect of the process (escrow, loan, inspections, etc.) so my wife and I didn’t need to worry or stress (too much :-)).

Annika and her team are professional, knowledgeable, quick to communicate and respond to questions, and overall amazing!! Annika ACTUALLY CARES about her clients and their needs and takes it very personally, I felt like we were family members! We have bought and sold 4 other properties in the past and I wish I knew Annika then. This was by far the most complicated transaction of them all but because of Annika and her team, it was the smoothest!!

I don’t plan on ever moving again, but if I must, I will only use Annika and her team. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home. They are simply the best!!!

Paul D.~ Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo Seller & Buyer

Notes from the Agent~

We closed this baby today too. It is a beautiful thing when you get everyone what they want. There’s a deeper story here. I just sold one of two homes for this seller that is RE-uniting with his amazing wife. We sold both of their homes and are going to close next week on their “off market” (not on MLS) purchase. I’m making a lot of people’s dreams come true…one day at a time.

Wooo weee! This one was a roller coaster but we made it to the finish line…..AS WE ALWAYS DO!!!! ALWAYS!!!

-Annika Godfrey