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Annika Godfrey Coldwell Banker Realty | DRE #01322358

Who you hire matters!!

Amazing Realtor and Team. Sold my home and others in the Community for Top Dollar. $60,000 + over what other Realtors priced. Great skills in negotiation and advises you every step. Home sold in 48 hours, closed in 30 days. Could not be happier!!   Valerie M.~ Aliso Viejo

Notes from the Agent~

This lovely seller hired me to help her plan an out of state move. It was months of planning, hand holding, strategizing etc. We listed her home 30 days ago for $697,500. She followed the Annika Godfrey plan. This home was listed very high for the neighborhood and for the comps. We sold her condo for $780,000 which is $597.00 per square foot. I know people are getting crazy prices, but we are the ones that SET THE BAR. We do the hard work, so other agents (not all agents) can rely on our sales for comps. We have a plan to walk you through not only getting you the highest net proceeds, setting records for the communities we serve and ultimately getting you to YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME  welcome to The Annika Godfrey-The Godfrey Group. Who you hire matters. She’s over the moon! This is the 4th time I’ve set the record in this tract at different times and different markets.- Annika Godfrey